Système de dosage et de vide-fût

Nous avons trouvé l'application, nous avons trouvé la solution!

NETZSCH développe, produit et commercialise  des pompes à rotor excentré NEMO® depuis plus de 50 ans et est is one of the world’s most trend-setting problem solvers in some of the most difficult of applications – particulèrement dans le domaine du dosage. Chez NETZSCH, notre savoir-faire toujours grandissant is consistently applied to further development. Here, not only is value placed on optimizing positive-displacement pump technology, but great attention is also given to the further development of the dosing components used by our customers in order to ensure that their ever-increasing requirements continue to be met. The S-Geometry which is used in NEMO® dosing technology provides a nearly shear-free conveyance and extremely gentle handling of highly abrasive, viscous and filled products. The NEMO® dosing technology is used in the most varied of application areas such as vehicle manufacturing, the electronics industry, the pharmaceutical and foods industries, renewable energy resources, and other bonding and sealing industries.

NEMO® Dispensers

The highest level of precision in dosing and reproducibility.

NETZSCH 1C Dosing Systems

In order to be able to offer you a complete dosing solution, our product line is supplemented by the following dosing components: Cartridge Discharge, Buffer Storage and 2C-Mixing Head.

Les dispositfs vide-fûts NEMO®

We’ll get the very last of it out for you!