Food & Pharmaceuticals

« Pendant la transformation des aliments, lors de la fabrication des produits cosmétiques et dans l'industrie pharmaceutique, nous sommes particulièrement attentifs à la protection du consommateur. Pour cette raison, toutes les pompes NEMO® et TORNADO® ainsi que les accessoires correspondants sont fabriqués selon les standards et les normes de production et d'hygiène nationaux et internationaux applicables. En outre, dans tous nos sites de fabrication, nous attachons beaucoup d'importance à une production économe en ressources, à l'utilisation de matériaux homologués et au respect des normes de qualité. »

Rainer Gozzer

Responsable du secteur d'activité alimentation et pharmacie

Pompes pour l’Agro-alimentaire et pharmacie:

Les produits alimentaires et de bien-être sont appréciés lorsqu'ils dégagent un parfum agréable, qu’ils présentent un état de fraîcheur et qu'ils semblent délicieux. Les pompes NEMO® et TORNADO®  trouvent leur application à chaque étape du process assurant un transfert optimal et avec ménagement du fluide et en toute sécurité et ainsi améliorer votre procédé de fabrication. Pour le transfert de fluides à haute viscosité, des pompes NEMO® sont équipées de corps avec trémie et vis de gavage.


A chaque application, une exécution de pompe appropriée

Le transfert de fluide dans l'industrie alimentaire et des boissons peut être réalisé avec différents types de pompe. Néanmoins, avec les pompes à lobes et à vis excentrique, NETZSCH sera en mesure de vous proposer la pompe la plus appropriée à votre process.

Pour certaines applications, il est possible d'utiliser aussi bien les pompes à lobes que les pompes à vis excentrique. En tant que fabricant de ces deux types de pompe, NETZSCH vous aide à sélectionner en toute indépendance, le meilleur type de pompe pour vos applications.


Caractéristiques des pompes NETZSCH NEMO® et TORNADO®:

  • Possibilité d’un CIP et SIP
  • Transfert du fluide avec ménagement et sans fortes pulsations
  • débit proportionnel à la vitesse.

Les pompes NETZSCH NEMO® et TORNADO® vous garantissent:

  • des phases de production plus longues grâce à une construction préservant de la contamination
  • des faibles coûts du cycle de vie
  • un polissage de toutes les surfaces en contact avec le fluide empêchant son adhérence et facilitant le nettoyage

Avantages des pompes NEMO® et TORNADO®:

  • convenant pour des fluides peu à fortement visqueux
  • sens de rotation et sens du fluide réversibles
  • entretien aisé

Success Stories

Hygienic progressing cavity pumps transport food gently and safely

Displacement pumps are often used in food production where viscous or difficult media such as molasses, honey, spent grains from beer brewing or chocolate have to be conveyed. More...

Combination of macerator and specialised pump enables efficient collagen production

Fish is not just one of the staple foods in all the world's coastal regions, its high-quality constituents mean it is globally becoming a significant component of a healthy diet. Most of the residues are disposed of or processed into cheap animal feed, but the skins do for instance contain valuable proteins. One of the main global suppliers of catfish deals with customers in around 40 countries. The company does not just export the fish meat, but also produces high-quality by-products from the fish parts which would otherwise be designated as worthless residues. A key product is a collagen powder. More

Rotary lobe pump facilitates barrel emptying for a sauce manufacturer

When it comes to conveying systems in the foodstuff industry, the main focus is primarily on hygiene, cleanability and compatibility with food. When emptying containers using progressing cavity pumps for example, barrels can be drained to a residual quantity of less than one percent. And, thereby, they provide higher cleanliness and safety against contamination than, for example, open tilting devices. More

Pennsylvania Brewing Company counts on Bavarian pump technology

In 1996 two friends with a passion for brewing premium beer opened the doors to the Brewing Company, a bar, restaurant and brewery in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. From a converted factory building where they brewed 1,725 barrels of beer in their first year. More

Pumping Sparkling Wine Without Foaming

Due to their sensitivity, wines are considered to be a difficult fluid to pump, while carbonated wines present completely different challenges: Each variety, for example, has a special carbon dioxide overpressure that must be observed. At the same time, the released CO2 increases the tendency of the beverage to foam, which impairs the quality of the goods. More...

Specialised conveying systems are increasing efficiency and hygiene in insulin production

Globally, there are around 285 million people who suffer from diabetes according to the estimates of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and this figure is predicted to be 438 million by 2030. More

NEMO® progressing cavity pump reliably in application at a diary

A dairy in the US-State Wisconsin is specialized in liquid concentrated dairy blends. It is one of the largest manufacturer of frozen dairy mixes in the midwest and nationwide the largest producer of sweetened condensed milk. In addition, it manufactures a range of custom dairy blends that include acidified cloudifiers, alcohol cream liquor’s and other unique beverage formulations. More

Clean and smooth: special hygienic pump enables efficient yoghurt conveyance

Yoghurt is one of the exceptionally demanding conveyor media in the food sector. On the one hand, it is vital to avoid strong shear forces so as to protect the valuable bacteria cultures and prevent separation of the different phases. On the other hand, the product, like almost all dairy products, is critical in terms of hygiene, which means that all pump materials have to meet food safety requirements and comprehensive cleaning has to be carried out regularly. More    

Only lubrication oil-free stainless steel rotary lobe pump ensures reliable, precise and food-safe filling of a NETZSCH bead mill

The Association of the German Confectionery Industry (BDSI) estimates that around 3.8 million tons of sweets and snacks were consumed in Germany in 2017. Sophisticated technology is required for the industrial production of these items. Read more...

Sweet, but abrasive: special food pump even conveys difficult baking mix hygienically and reliably

As popular as bakery products are, their production is often not without unforeseen difficulties, as for instance in a company making confectionery products in Southern Germany. More    

Special chocolate pump enables tempering across whole conveying area

Statistics tell us that every German citizen eats around 9.5 kg of chocolate a year, in the form of bars, hollow figures, pralines and such like. There is a particularly steep rise in consumption at Easter and Christmas.  Chocolate may be very popular, but it is extremely complicated to make. In particular, the temperature has to be precisely controlled at all times to achieve the later melt-in-your-mouth effect. More

Special oil-free rotary lobe pump reduces oil contamination risk in food production

Mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOH) are created during petroleum refining and are divided into two essential fractions: mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH) and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH). They do not only get into the products through packages. With chocolate, more...

Special hygienic rotary lobe pump delivers edible oil flexibly and with care

In everyday practice in the foodstuff industry high demands on hygienic processing are required for the primarily sensitive products, simultaneously, there is the high pressure of competition and efficiency. More

Gentle conveying characteristics of progressing cavity pumps
are optimal for mayonnaise production

NETZSCH's NEMO® hygienic pumps have proved to be very well suited to the requirements of mayonnaise production. The progressing cavity pumps work at low speeds and shear rates, which mean the product is protected from high forces. In addition, these pumps are designed for comprehensive CIP cleaning. More...

Self-priming, easy-to-clean barrel emptying system conveys juice with almost no residues

Juices and other drinks generally cause few problems when it comes to a company's internal material logistics - thanks to their good flow characteristics, they are easy to convey and empty out. However, such straightforward handling also leads to poor practices in terms of hygiene, such as when juice is openly decanted so that contaminants can enter the system. More

No reduction of quality during pasteurisation: Progressing cavity pumps gently convey chilli and tomato sauce

A food manufacturer used a multi screw pump to convey hot chilli and tomato sauce until 2015. However, this pump did not achieve the required flow rate and at the same time by shearing reduced the product quality. More...



The new design of the TORNADO® rotary lobe pump T.Sano®

Smooth surface ensures easy cleaning


NEMO® BY Progressing Cavity Pumps can be used in any area of industry where a great variety of different substances must be pumped or very precisely dosed.

Pompe mobile NEMO : La solution multi-fonction

NEMO ® Beverage Pumps find universal use in the wine-growing, wine production, brewery, distillery and beverage production industries. These mobile units provide the flexibility this production environment needs.

NEMO® SY – Pompe industrielle à palier avec bout d’arbre nu

La pompe à vis excentrée NEMO® SY est utilisée à travers le monde pour des applications exigeantes dans tous les secteurs industriels. Dans sa version à palier, la pompe peut être entraînée par n'importe quel type d'entraînement en le raccordant à son arbre nu, même les plus spécifiques tels que des servomoteurs, des moteurs diesel ou des entraînements hydrauliques.

Pompe à rotor excentré NEMO® BO/BS avec corps-bride rectangulaire, en exécution monobloc avec entraînement flasqué

La pompe à rotor excentré NEMO® BO/BS avec trémie rectangulaire, bielle avec vis de gavage et zone de compression pour une meilleure introduction du produit dans les chambres de pompage, est utilisée dans tous les secteurs industriels pour le transfert et le dosage proportionnel à la vitesse de tout fluide de façon continue, sans destruction, sans pulsation de débit et de pression.

Pompe à lobes TORNADO® T2

Les pompes à lobes NETZSCH TORNADO® sont des équipements à usage universel. Elles trouvent leur application dans l'assainissement et l'industrie chimique pour le pompage et le dosage continu, sans pulsation et sans destruction de toute fluide.

Les dispositfs vide-fûts NEMO®

We’ll get the very last of it out for you!

Pompe NEMO® aseptique SA

La pompe NEMO® aseptique SA est utilisée pour des applications hygiènes dans l'industrie alimentaire, pharmaceutique, cosmétique et chimique/biochimique pour les opérations de transfert en continu, à pression constante, sans contraintes ni fortes pulsations, un nettoyage optimal et un dosage proportionnel à la vitesse.

NOTOS® Multi Screw Pump

The NOTOS® family has superior quality standards to meet the highest level requirements from our customers. The pumps are designed to work with low to high lubricant fluids, low to high viscosity, shear sensitive and/or chemically agressive media.

more information

Pompe NEMO® "hygiène" BH

The NEMO® BH Hygienic Pump is employed in the foodstuff, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical/biochemical industries for hygienic applications and optimal cleaning. It is ideal in these settings due in part to its continuous, pressure-stable, gentle and low-pulsation conveyance and in part to its capability of dosing in proportion to speed.

Pompe NEMO® hygiène SH Plus

La pompe hygiène NEMO® SH Plus est utilisée pour des applications "hygiène" dans l'industrie alimentaire, pharmaceutique, cosmétique et chimique/biochimique pour les opérations de transfert en continu, à pression constante, sans contraintes ni fortes pulsations, un nettoyage optimal et un dosage proportionnel à la vitesse.