Advantages of a Multi Screw Pump

Advantages of a Multi Screw Pump: Safe, Efficient and Gentle Conveying of a Wide Range of Media



Multi screw pump technology offers you a wide range of applications and combines numerous advantages. From tank farms to yoghurt production: The demands on production increase from year to year. Growing demands on hygiene, flexibility and efficiency often pose enormous challenges for planners. There is often confusion about the right pump technology. We show you why you should consider a multi screw pump for your application.

Multi screw pumps belong to the category of positive displacement pumps. These pumps are designed to convey a variety of different media. They are mainly used in the following industries: Oil and gas, shipping, power generation, tank farms, chemicals and in the process industry. But they are also used in the hygienic sector in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical or cosmetics industries.

Functionality of a multi screw pump: With a drive spindle, the torque is transmitted to several rotating, intermeshing spindles. The rotation of the screws continuously moves the chambers from the suction side to the pressure side and thus conveys the medium.

Broad range of applications for a multi screw pump

Multi screw pumps can handle media with a wide range of properties. These include low and high viscosity, shear-sensitive, abrasive, aggressive, corrosive, solids-laden and non-lubricating as well as lubricating media. Since multi screw pumps are made entirely of metal, they are extremely robust against high temperatures compared to some other technologies, which, due to their operating principle, only consist of metal in parts. Temperatures up to about 300° Celsius are no problem.

Gentle conveyance through the use of a multi screw pump

Gentle conveyance plays a significant role in numerous industries. A variety of media are particularly sensitive to shear or other external influences. Exactly for these applications, the technology of the multi screw pump offers a decisive advantage. Multi screw pumps can be operated at a comparably low speed, regardless of whether they are used at low or high pressures. This means that the medium is transported extremely gently through the delivery chambers.

Multi screw pump: Compact design combined with a high power

Most plants do not offer much space for the pump: The more space required, the more expensive the system. Compared to many other technologies, multi screw pumps have relatively small dimensions. The compact design in combination with a very high power density offers the perfect solution for your application.

NOTOS® Multi Screw Pumps From NETZSCHNOTOS® multi screw pumps from NETZSCH are available in hygienic and industrial versions.

The right solution for every application: The NOTOS® multi screw pump from NETZSCH

Due to their many advantages, multi screw pumps can be used successfully in numerous applications. With decades of experience in constructing positive displacement pumps, NETZSCH has managed to combine the benefits of multi screw pump technology with its own expertise to create a product that can be adapted to your individual requirements: The NOTOS® multi screw pump.

The NOTOS® multi screw pump from NETZSCH is available in industrial and hygienic design. Both models are manufactured in different versions. They differ in the number of spindles. With the industrial design, you have the choice between two, three or four spindles. The hygienic version is available with two spindles in a conventional and an FSIP® design (Full Service in Place). This allows NETZSCH to serve almost any of your applications.

NOTOS® 2NS Two Screw PumpsIn addition to the twin-screw NOTOS® 2NS multi screw pump, there is also a 3NS and 4NS in the industrial version.

Thanks to the High-Efficiency Unique Design (HEUD), a performance-optimized shape, NOTOS® multi screw pumps in industrial design offer smooth and gentle pumping with high performance at the same time. Precise tolerances and an optimized spindle profile ensure long service life and low life cycle costs. Since the pumps are hydraulically balanced, no axial forces act on the ball bearing. As a result, the bearings are subjected to much less stress, and the maintenance effort of the pump is significantly minimized. This saves money and time for you.

NOTOS® 2NSH Hygienic Twin Screw Pump in FSIP® DesignIn addition to the NOTOS® 2NSH hygienic twin screw pump in FSIP® design, there is also a version with an optional heating jacket for hygienic applications.

In addition to the well-known advantages, the hygienic design of the model is convincing in applications where an almost sterile atmosphere is necessary. This mainly includes the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. The model is made of stainless steel and polished according to international standards so that the pumped medium cannot adhere to it. This makes it particularly easy to clean. The pump is suitable for the CIP process (Cleaning-In-Place) and the SIP process (Sterilization-In-Place). In the CIP process, it functions as a transfer and cleaning pump at the same time. This means that you no longer need an additional cleaning pump. In addition, the model has been designed without dead space. Angles and corners that are difficult to reach have been avoided. Therefore, nothing hinders easy cleaning. The last significant advantage is the FSIP® concept (Full Service in Place) of the hygienic version. The concept enables full service and maintenance in the system. Thus, there are no time-consuming and cost-intensive downtimes for you.

NETZSCH Pumps & Systems has broad experience in the construction of multi screw pumps. Through continuous research and development, NETZSCH has been able to position itself as an absolute expert in the market and successfully design the most diverse applications, no matter how difficult.

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