Oil & Gas

Dependable pump systems ensure good results

Our world’s demand for energy is continually growing. This is due in part to the strong drive of developing nations toward industrialization. The extraction of crude oil, however, is becoming more and more complex as a result of its increasing scarcity. Viscosity has grown tremendously due to ever greater proportions of suspended solids and ever higher water and gas content. Innovative pump technologies by NETZSCH make secure and dependable production processes possible at low life cycle costs. Our broad product line is sure to include the perfect pump system for your on- or offshore, up- or downstream application.

In order to enable our customers to keep up with the growing responsibility for our environment, NETZSCH pumps adhere to the highest quality standards.

Oil & Gas Mid-/Downstream

NETZSCH Mid-/Downstream Products – We convey your medium to where you need it! NEMO® PUMPS for downstream applications are very versatile due to the large assortment of construction materials and sealing systems that we offer


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Oil & Gas Upstream

Within the Business Unit Pumps & Systems the Business Field Oil & Gas specializes in the delivery of systems with progressing cavity pumps for the production of crude oil and other highly viscous materials; the pumps above mentioned are used throughout the world. Whether it is a large oilfield operator or a small production company – the experts at NETZSCH give their attention to all projects.
At the same time we try to correspond to the increasing technological demands by highly efficient development work. Success in corporate research and development work with universities and operators of our pumps in the field confirms this fact. 

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TORNADO® Industrial Rotary Lobe Pumps T2

The TORNADO® rotary lobe pump is a positive displacement pump. The pumping action is generated by the contra-rotation of two rotors within the pump chamber which are synchronised externally. The media enters the pump chamber through the inlet port and is carried around the chamber by the rotors to the outlet port where it is discharged.

Downstream – NEMO® Water-Injection Pump

Crude oil deposits are often discovered in spongy rock. To extract it, fluids must be pumped into the earth under high pressures. NEMO® Water-Injection Pumps are particularly well-suited for this task, since their capacity can be changed in accordance with rotation speed.

NEMO® SY Industrial Construction in Bearing Block Design with Free Shaft Extension

The NEMO® SY Progressing Cavity Pump is used for demanding applications in every branch of industry around the globe. In bearing block design with free shaft extension, this pump can be run with any type of drive, such as servo motors, diesel motors or hydraulic drives.

NETZSCH L.Cap® Pumps

NETZSCH Large Capacity Pumps
Face even the biggest challenges with the latest technology:
High Performance Pumps for Oil & Gas- and Mining Industry


NEMO® BY Progressing Cavity Pumps can be used in any area of industry where a great variety of different substances must be pumped or very precisely dosed.

NOTOS® Multi Screw Pump

The NOTOS® family has superior quality standards to meet the highest level requirements from our customers. The pumps are designed to work with low to high lubricant fluids, low to high viscosity, shear sensitive and/or chemically agressive media.

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NEMO® BT Immersible Pump

NEMO® Immersible Pumps are used for emptying barrels, tanks, and pits. They are also used where space is limited and the danger of cavitation may be present. In addition, these pumps are suitable for emptying barrels containing materials hazardous to water and the environment.