Business Field Organization

Permanently quickening development cycles together with constantly increasing process requirements call for ambitious and uncompromising solutions for all industries.

Through our worldwide business field organisation with experienced and competent specialists we meet and exceed the requirements of our customers.

To select your competent contact partner please refer to the branch classification below:


Environmental & Energy

Waste water treatment, agriculture, construction industry, mining and smelting works, renewable energies, electroplating, ship chandlers, waste water and drinking water purification and similar.

Oil & Gas

Upstream - On and offshore oil production

Downstream - oil transfer, petrochemicals, refineries re-injection and similar

Chemical, Pulp & Paper

Biofuel, building material, ceramics and glass, chemical and biochemical, explosives, leather/tanneries, mining and smelting, paint and varnish, paper and pulp/cellulose, textile, wood processing and similar.

Dosing Technology

Bonding and sealing, cars, electrical, food, pharmacy, planes and ship construction, renewable energies, trains and similar.

Food & Pharmaceutical

Bakery products, beverages, breweries, dairies, fish and meat processing, fruit processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, sugar and starch, wine and similar.