NOTOS® 2NSH Hygienic Twin Screw Pump with FSIP®

NOTOS® 2NSH Hygienic Twin Screw Pump in FSIP® Design

Full service in place and maximum performance for hygienic applications

The NOTOS® 2NSH hygienic twin screw pump in FSIP® (Full Service in Place) design impresses with gentle pumping, low pulsation, simple maintenance and ease of operation in the process.

With its stable and compact housing and efficient design, the twin screw pump is ideal for industries that value high quality, maximum productivity and excellence throughout the process: A reliable solution tailored to the individual requirements of a application. It is designed for hygienic applications to optimally convey media with higher viscosity at high working pressures up to 16 bar or 230 psi. Chocolate, fruit juices or fruit yoghurt, for example, are pumped while retaining their consistency and natural properties without any loss of quality. The FSIP® concept makes it possible to completely dismantle and reassemble the spindles and mechanical seal without removing the pump from the production line. Downtimes for maintenance work can thus be significantly reduced. This intelligent, technical solution ensures even more convenience and safety in your processes. The 2NSH is made of AISI 316L stainless steel and polished to international standards. Therefore, it is easy to clean (CIP - "cleaning-in-place process") and can even be sterilized (SIP - "sterilization-in-place process"). Cleaning can be carried out on the NOTOS® 2NSH without an auxiliary system. With conventional CIP cleaning, an additional pump is often necessary to keep the system clean. With the 2NSH, no other pump is required. It works as a feed pump and also as a CIP pump during the cleaning process. You do not need a bypass, valves or additional pipes. There is no contact between the rotating delivery elements. Thus, the pump speed can be greatly increased, and the fluid rate quickly reaches the necessary value.

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NOTOS 2NSH with FSIP and Labelling

1 Bearing housing
Bearings designed for high load capacity with housing in stainless steel allowing external cleaning of the pump.

2 Pump housing
Pump housing with a unique design for FSIP® – Full Service in Place, allowing the easy and quick pump disassembly, without having to disconnect it from the piping. Available in foot or self-aligned flange design. FDA-approved sealing, without dead spaces.

3 Flanges
Internally polished flanges as per hygienic standards to ensure complete pump cleaning [Ra < 0.8 μm]. Various sanitary connection options available such as DIN, TC, SMS, RJT, and others.

4 Screws
Stainless steel screws with high efficiency profile, allowing higher flow rates with low fluid shear. Multiple pitch options available, all balanced and with high suction capability. Easy replacement of the screws without disassembly of the bearings. Screws with the same diameter are changeable just by changing the pitch.

5 Shaft sealing
Available with single or double seals, both with modular cartridge design and interchangeable from one to another. Connections for flushing or quench are optional.

6 Synchronization gears
Helical gears provide smooth torque transmission between the screws and ensure the contactless operation of the pumping elements.

7 Shafts
Stainless steel shafts designed for high torque, with the option to rotate in both directions.



Pressure max.


Capacity max. 


Operating rotational speed


Cleaning rotational speed


2NSH-/16L1E 16 11 1.800 3.600
2NSH-/16L2E 16 25 1.800 3.600
2NSH-/16L3E 16 65 1.800 3.600
2NSH-/16L4E 16 129 1.800 3.600
2NSH-/16L5E 16 200 1.800 3.600

*Further sizes and technical data on request.


  • Metal parts made of stainless steel
  • No contact between the rotating parts
  • No dead spaces
  • Seals with food-grade certification
  • FSIP® (Full Service in Place), easy maintenance: simple assembly / disassembly
  • High suction capacity
  • Reversible pump direction
  • Low pulsation
  • Smooth feeding of the pumped media
  • Can be used as a feed pump and CIP pump in one process
  • Flexibility: The same equipment can be used for pumping fluids with low or high temperature / viscosity

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