Reperibilità globale ricambistica di qualità NETZSCH

NETZSCH – il partner ideale per i Global Player

Original spare parts with NETZSCH manufacturing quality for all products are available worldwide with short delivery times - the right partner for the global player. 

With production sites and branches on all five continents, we are the deal partner, for companies operating globally as well. Our specialists are happy to provide consultation and support with trouble shooting and part identification for all our pump and grinder models.

NETZSCH Spare Parts Service for Parts Orders

Spare parts service for parts orders

Monday to Thursday: 8 am - 5 pm
Friday: 8 am - 3 pm

If you order by 12 o’clock, your spare parts will be ready for shipment on the same day. A highly motivated team of experienced specialists is available to answer your queries and deal with your spare parts orders. You can contact our spare parts service at: +49 8638 63-1050.

Fast Delivery of Spare Parts Orders at NETZSCH Pumps & Systems

Fast delivery of spare parts orders

Standard spare parts can be delivered within 24 hours. It is in our interest to service or repair your pump as quickly as possible. Through our central warehouse in Waldkraiburg, we have the standard parts for your machines in stock.

NETZSCH Emergency Service for Spare Parts

Emergency service for spare parts

In urgent cases, you can also order spare parts and have them shipped immediately, even outside business hours. At the weekend, 24 hours a day and on workdays from 5 pm to 8 am, we can be contacted at +49 8638 63-1040.

Accessories and Auxiliary Equipment for Pumps and Systems

MultiProtector: l'unità di valutazione e protezione

L'unità di valutazione e protezione MultiProtector consente di analizzare i dati di processo e di individuare eventuali danni. Questa unità e l'app associata permettono la definizione dei valori limite, documentano lo storico dei guasti e presentano la diagnostica in diretta.

Statore iFD® 2.0

Lo Statore iFD® 2.0 combina performance, affidabilità e compatibilità ambientale.

Sistema xLC® per la regolazione dello statore

The xLC® stator adjustment system is based on the easy-to-replace and easy-to-maintain iFD-stator® 2.0 and increases the service life of the pump.

Other Additional NETZSCH Equipment