Oil & Gas

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Oil & Gas Mid-/Downstream

NETZSCH Mid-/Downstream Products – We convey your medium to where you need it! NEMO® PUMPS for downstream applications are very versatile due to the large assortment of construction materials and sealing systems that we offer


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Oil & Gas Upstream

Within the Business Unit Pumps & Systems the Business Field Oil & Gas specializes in the delivery of systems with progressing cavity pumps for the production of crude oil and other highly viscous materials; the pumps above mentioned are used throughout the world. Whether it is a large oilfield operator or a small production company – the experts at NETZSCH give their attention to all projects.
At the same time we try to correspond to the increasing technological demands by highly efficient development work. Success in corporate research and development work with universities and operators of our pumps in the field confirms this fact. 

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