M-Ovas® 그라인딩 시스템

Your dependable friend in grinding things down.

NETZSCH M-Ovas® grinding systems can be used wherever it is essential that solid matter in fluids be broken down reliably to ensure the prevention of pipe clogging and damage to downstream equipment.

The special design of the M-Ovas® housing carries the solids in the wastewater flow to the cutting plate, where they are held and chopped by rotating blades. This low-maintenance assembly is designed for sludges with a maximum flow of 300 m3/h and a dry matter content of up to seven percent.

Advantages of the NETZSCH M-Ovas®:

  • High operating safety due to robust construction
  • Ease of operation and simple maintenance
  • Low operating costs through high operating efficiency
  • Optimal price/performance ratio


1 Housing
The housing has a hydrodynamic design with integrated stone trap for solids and a clean-out port. The sediment can easliy be removed by opening the cover plate. The housing is galvanized, optionally also in stainless steel, to ensure corrosion resistance.

2 Housing cover
The cutting unit is integrated into the housing cover. A gas strut is fitted to the cover to assist opening. This allows for easy cleaning of solids in the stone trap.

3 Cutting unit
The cutting plate is made of wear resistant, hardened steel. It provides optimum cutting performance by means of a cutting unit with a self-adjusting blade mechanism. The blades are made from wear resistant hardened steel. A flywheel supports the cutting action and reduces the driving power. It is easy to exchange the cutting plate and cutting blades and this does not require disassembly of the pipework.

4 Shaft seal
Hard metal faced mechanical seal with grease quench to prevent product leakage.

5 Drive
The standard drive unit has reinforced bearings.

6 In-line version
The product inlet and outlet are positioned on the same level. The NETZSCH M-Ovas® can be directly connected to a horizontal pipeline or to a NEMO® Pump inlet where the flange is set at 90°.


  • Applicable in biogas and wastewater areas.
  • Allowable solid content for wastewater 2 – 7% and for biogas up to 12%.
  • Different plate designs for all kinds of applications are available (norm: 26 mm comb).


  • High cutting efficiency avoids ragging of materials, such as rags, long fibers, etc.
  • The use of a 4-winged blade increased the cutting frequency.
M-Ovas® - Block Design


The NETZSCH M-Ovas® is primarily used in the following areas: Agriculture, Slaughterhouses and recycling plants, Canning/tinning factories, Sugar factories, Industrial kitchens, Sewage and wastewater treatment, Biogas plants, Rendering plants, Organic biological waste recycling plants, Paper and pulp production, Leather production, Spas and health resorts.

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