NEMO® Dispensers and Handdispensers:

Highest Reproducibility and Dosing Precision in the Most Varied Applications

NEMO® Dispensers guarantee the highest level of precision in dosing and reproducibility. For this reason, NEMO® Dispensers and NEMO® Hand Dispensers are employed in a great variety of applications and industries.

Such as:

  • in vehicle manufacturing
  • in the electronics industry
  • in renewable energy resources
  • in the pharmaceutical and foods industries
  • in other adhesive and sealing industries

Features of NEMO® Dispensers and Hand Dispensers

  • very gentle conveyance
  • compact dimensions at a high number of stages
  • large cross sections of inlet
  • conveyance also of compacted products
  • conveyance of solids

NEMO® Dispensers and Hand Dispensers offer you:

  • conveyance volume in proportion to rotation speed
  • high dosing precision
  • drip-free dosing
  • constant low-pulsation conveyance
  • high efficiency
  • low life cycle costs combined with easy serviceability



Our Design – Your Advantage: Easy Serviceability, Dependability, Operating Safety

The following NETZSCH Dispensers and Hand Dispensers are available:

DispenserTypeTheoretical volume conveyed per rotation
NDP0400-040,18 ml
NDP0600-031,00 ml
NDP0800-032,00 ml
NDP1000-034,00 ml



Universally applicable – NEMO® dosing technology for the highest of demands

Wide Spectrum of Applications
NEMO® Dispensers and Hand Dispensers are used primarily for substances with the following properties …

  • low to high viscosity (1 mPas to 3,000,000 mPas)
  • dilatant, thixotropic or structurally viscous
  • highly filled
  • shear-sensitive and pressure-sensitive
  • highly abrasive
  • smearing or non-smearing
  • sticky or gel-like
  • heated or unheated

…such as:

  • RTV silicones
  • 1K and 2K epoxies
  • PUR sealing compounds

Additional Features of NEMO® Dispensers and NEMO® Hand Dispensers

  • nearly shear-free conveyance and dosing
  • capacity directly proportional to the pumping rotation speed
  • dosing precision ±1% volumetrically beginning at a 90° rotor angle
  • gentle, low-pulsation conveyance
  • dosing volume nearly independent of the respective temperature and viscosity of the substance
  • drip-free due to universally adjustable withdrawal
  • highly dynamic substance application by means of servo technology
  • easy maintenance resulting from simple assembly and disassembly (quick-change plug-in connection!)
  • simple integration into automated systems
  • optional heating
  • valveless dosing procedure

Large Range of Capacities

  • flow rates of approx. 0.05ml/U to approx. 9.0ml/U

Optional for the NEMO® Hand Dispenser
Specially developed non-contact sensor technology enables manual application by the operator in proportion to speed – this means a constant and even application regardless of the motion speed.



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