NEMO Mini BH Hygienic Pump

NEMO® 미니 BH 위생 모노펌프

The pump for the highest dosing precision in hygienic applications!

Universally applicable – the NEMO® Mini BH Hygienic Pump

The NEMO® Mini BH Hygienic Pump is employed above all in the foodstuff, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical/biochemical industries for hygienic applications. It is ideal in these settings due in part to its continuous, pressure-stable, smooth and low-pulsation conveyance and in part to its capability of dosing in proportion to speed. In the block construction with flanged drive, the NEMO® Mini BH is particularly compact and economical.

Features of the NEMO® Mini BH Hygienic Pumps

  • continuous low-pulsation conveyance unaffected by fluctuations in pressure and viscosity
  • conveyance volume in proportion to rotation speed with high dosing precision over a broad rotational-speed range
  • high suction and pressure capability without valves
  • reversible conveyance direction
  • stator with hopper-shaped entrance for optimal filling of the conveying chamber

NEMO® Mini BH Hygienic Pumps offer you:

  • gentle product conveyance
  • long production cycles with contamination-proof, sterile pump construction
  • CIP and SIP capability
  • product admission under vacuum conditions up to almost an absolute vacuum
  • open, patented hygienic joints for smearing media
  • elastomers approved for foodstuffs in accordance with FDA
  • horizontal and vertical installation
  • easy serviceability

Advantages of the NEMO® Mini BH Hygienic Pump:

  • foodstuff-suitable shaft seals with compression-proof bolted seal casing enable reversal of the direction of rotation and thereby also of the direction of conveyance, up to the maximum pump pressure
  • streamlined, crevice-free housing model prevents sedimentation of the product
  • all product-contacting surfaces are polished to prevent build-up of the medium and facilitate cleaning
  • the pump housing and stator can be optionally heated

Take advantage of our decades of experience and know-how in the manufacturing of positive-displacement pumps.

Your edge – process stability even under great demands!

NEMO Mini BH Hygienic Pump

1 Rotor
In S-Geometry with polished surfaces

2 Stator
Vulcanized into the tube with sealing on both sides in several FDA-approved elastomers. Stator inlet with hopper-shaped opening for improved flow of the product into the conveying chamber.

3 Drive Chain
The all-purpose flexible rod used for the transfer of power from the drive to the rotor in the NEMO® Mini BH Hygienic Pump is corrosion-resistant as well as dead-space, wear- and maintenance-free, because no components move against each other as they do in joints. Neither lubricants nor seals are needed, so the lubricative properties of the pumped product need not even be taken into account. Ideal for sensitive substances with or without suspended solids and for uncompromising hygiene.

4 Seal Casing
Shaft seals suitable for contact with foodstuffs, with compression-proof, bolted shaft seal housing, enable a reversal of the direction of rotation up to the maximum pumping pressure.

5 Protective Tubing for Stator
Made of stainless steel (optional).

6 Block Construction
The drive is flanged directly to the lantern of the pump, resulting in compact dimensions, low total weight, constant axial heights irrespective of the construction type and size of the drive, and ease of maintenance and serviceability as well as high efficiency.

The NEMO® Mini BH Hygienic Pump is available …

  • in various sizes for flow rates from 0.1 to 150 l/h
  • for differential pressures up to 36 bar
    with optional CIP supports on the pump housing and end supports
  • with stators and gaskets with various elastomers approved for contact with foodstuffs.
  • with S-Geometry for optimal adjustment to the application

… conveys …

  • sensitive substances under gentle, hygienic conditions

… and offers

  • a variety of construction types

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