TORNADO® T1 Classic Rotary Lobe Pump:

TORNADO® T1 Classic Rotary Lobe Pump:

Exact Adjustment to the Properties of the Pumped Medium and the Place of Use


For more than a decade we have been supplying the classic design NETZSCH TORNADO® T1 rotary lobe pumps.
Their extensive use in applications in the environmental and energy, chemical, pulp and paper and oil and gas sectors for flow rates up to 1000 m3/h demonstrate their high performance. Pump size and specification are precisely tailored to suit the characteristics of the pumped media and the operating requirements. Three series with twelve models available provide for flow rates up 1,000 m3/h at discharge pressures up to six bar for both intermittent and continuous operation. For higher discharge pressures customised solutions are available.

Your benefits:

  • GSStechnology for long term reliability
  • Maintenance without the need to disconnect the inlet and outlet pipework
  • Easy and quick access to the lobes and shaft seals
  • Tolerance of running dry
  • Short delivery times - all manufacturing ‘in-house’, large stock of components

1GSS = Gearbox Security System


The design of the classic TORNADO® T1

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