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Reliable sludge removal for water jet cutting

17 Jan 2017

Robust rotary lobe pump will even pump highly abrasive residual water without any damage

Cutting systems, which are based on high-pressure water jets and do not alter the material structure through their energy input like lasers do, are establishing themselves in more and more areas, such as robotics or automotive manufacturing. A cutting aid, an abrasive,...Czytaj więcej…

Low-wear conveyance of industrial waste water: Robust rotary lobe and progressing cavity pumps make water treatment easier

17 Jan 2017

Used service water from industrial processes is one of the most problematic types of waste water due to its composition, which is often very demanding for conveying systems. In order to enable problem-free treatment of this kind of waste water in spite of this, NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH has developed special models of its TORNADO® T2 rotary lobe pump...Czytaj więcej…