Applications & Solutions

Environment & Energy

NETZSCH is known globally as a specialist in the areas of wastewater treatment and biogas technology. Rotating positive-displacement pumps have been used for decades in these markets, and NETZSCH offers a great variety of applicable pump systems.

Oil & Gas

Our world’s demand for energy continues to grow due, in part, to the strong drive of developing nations toward industrialization. The extraction of crude oil, however, is becoming more and more complex as a result of discoveries in more challenging geological structures.

Chemicals & Paper

Substances hazardous to health or the environment; products that are highly viscous, sensitive, or contain solids; and even the most demanding products in air-tight systems require pumps capable of high performance. NETZSCH has been well known for decades as a dependable and competent partner in these areas.


Positive-displacement pumps by NETZSCH Pumps & Systems GmbH have been used for decades to guarantee process reliability in the demanding mining industry.

Foods & Pharmaceuticals

Foods and beverages are best when they taste fresh, smell good and look appetizing. Conversely, consumer demand is pushing for longer and longer shelf life.