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„In food processing, the production of cosmetics and the pharmaceutical industry in particular, we have to take special care with regard to the consumer. This of course means that all NEMO® and TORNADO® pumps are made according to the nationally and internationally relevant manufacturing and hygiene standards and guidelines.“

Rainer Gozzer
Business Field Manager Foods & Pharmaceuticals

Pumps for the food & pharmaceutical industry

Foods & Pharmaceuticals

Foods and beverages are best when they taste fresh, smell good and look appetizing. However, consumer demand is pushing for longer and longer shelf life. These conflicting objectives can be achieved with careful handling in an environment low in bacteria. Sanitary and aseptic pumps by NETZSCH can play a central role, since a progressing cavity pump is often a fundamental requirement in processing.

In addition to the increasing need for gentle, sanitary product handling, cleanability requirements of equipment are important. To be in accordance with CIP or SIP cleaning procedures, the pump must include the right features.

Positive-displacement pumps developed and produced by NETZSCH were designed for uncompromising hygiene and meet the most demanding of processing requirements. High-grade products can be handled in a safe and gentle manner. Our sanitary and aseptic pumps offer a wide range of application for your manufacturing processes.

NEMO® Hygienic Progressing Cavity Pumps in Food Industry

Hygienic progressing cavity pumps transport food gently and safely

Displacement pumps are often used in food production where viscous or difficult media such as molasses, honey, spent grains from beer brewing or chocolate have to be conveyed. More...

TORNADO® Rotary Lobe Pump T.Sano® Empties Barrels

Rotary lobe pump facilitate barrel emptying for a sauce manufacturer

When it comes to conveying systems in the foodstuff industry, the main focus is primarily on hygiene, cleanability and compatibility with food. When emptying containers using progressing cavity pumps for example, barrels can be drained to a residual quantity of less than one percent. More...

NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps with Open Hopper Convey Abrasive Spent Grains

Pennsylvania Brewing Company counts on Bavarian pump technology

In 1996 two friends with a passion for brewing premium beer opened the doors to the Brewing Company, a bar, restaurant and brewery in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. More...

Oil-Free TORNADO® T.Sano® Rotary Lobe Pump Delivers Gently

Pumping Sparkling Wine Without Foaming

Due to their sensitivity, wines are considered to be a difficult fluid to pump, while carbonated wines present completely different challenges. More...

NEMO® Hygienic Progressing Cavity Pumps for CIP or SIP Processes

Increased efficiency and hygiene in insulin production

Globally, there are around 285 million people who suffer from diabetes according to the estimates of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and this figure is predicted to be 438 million by 2030. More...

NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps Convey Hygienically

NEMO® progressing cavity pump reliably in application at a diary

A dairy in the US-State Wisconsin is specialized in liquid concentrated dairy blends. It is one of the largest manufacturer of frozen dairy mixes in the midwest and nationwide the largest producer of sweetened condensed milk. More...

NEMO® Aseptic Progressing Cavity Pump Conveying Yoghurt

Hygienic pump enables efficient and smooth yoghurt conveyance

Yoghurt is one of the exceptionally demanding conveyor media in the food sector. On the one hand, it is vital to avoid strong shear forces so as to protect the valuable bacteria cultures and prevent separation of the different phases. More...    

TORNADO® T.Sano® Rotary Lobe Pump in FSIP® Design Operates Maintenance-Free

Rotary Lobe Pump fills NETZSCH bead mill reliably

The Association of the German Confectionery Industry (BDSI) estimates that around 3.8 million tons of sweets and snacks were consumed in Germany in 2017. More...

NEMO® Hygienic Progressing Cavity Pump Standards of Hygiene

Special food pump even conveys difficult baking mix

As popular as bakery products are, their production is often not without unforeseen difficulties, as for instance in a company making confectionery products in Southern Germany. More...    

NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pump with Heating Jacket

Chocolate pump enables tempering across whole conveying area

Statistics tell us that every German citizen eats around 9.5 kg of chocolate a year, in the form of bars, hollow figures, pralines and such like. There is a particularly steep rise in consumption at Easter and Christmas. More...

Hygienic TORNADO® T.Sano® Reduces Risk of Contamination

Special oil-free rotary lobe pump reduces oil contamination risk

Mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOH) are created during petroleum refining and are divided into two essential fractions: mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH) and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH). More...

TORNADO® T.Sano® Rotary Lobe Pump Meets High Standards of Hygiene

Hygienic rotary lobe pump delivers edible oil flexibly and with care

In everyday practice in the foodstuff industry high demands on hygienic processing are required for the primarily sensitive products, simultaneously, there is the high pressure of competition and efficiency. More...

NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps Convey the Product Gently

Progressing cavity pumps are optimal for mayonnaise production

NETZSCH's NEMO® hygienic pumps have proved to be very well suited to the requirements of mayonnaise production. The progressing cavity pumps work at low speeds and shear rates, which mean the product is protected from high forces. More...

NBE Barrel Emptying Unit Self-Priming and Easy to Clean

Barrel emptying system conveys juice with almost no residues

Juices and other drinks generally cause few problems when it comes to a company's internal material logistics - thanks to their good flow characteristics, they are easy to convey and empty out. More...

NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps Ensure Gentle and Efficient Conveyance

Progressing cavity pumps gently convey chilli and tomato sauce

A food manufacturer used a multi screw pump to convey hot chilli and tomato sauce until 2015. However, this pump did not achieve the required flow rate and at the same time by shearing reduced the product quality. More...

NETZSCH product portfolio in the food and pharmaceutical sectors

NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps

NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps have an extensive application range and are used in industry for the continuous, pressure-stable, gentle and low-pulsation conveyance of almost any substance.

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TORNADO® Industrial Rotary Lobe Pump Systems

NETZSCH TORNADO® industrial rotary lobe pumps are very versatile stand-alone equipment. They are used primarily in environmental technology and the chemical industry to provide continuous and gentle conveyance of almost any substance while dosing in proportion to rotation speed.

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NOTOS® Multi Screw Pump

The NOTOS® family has superior quality standards to meet the highest level requirements from our customers. The pumps are designed to work with low to high lubricant fluids, low to high viscosity, shear sensitive and/or chemically agressive media.

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Dosing and Emptying

NETZSCH has been developing, producing and marketing NEMO® progressing cavity pumps for over 60 years and is one of the world’s state-of-the-art problem solvers for difficult applications – particularly in the area of dosing technology.

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