Chocolate Tempering over the Entire Conveying Range

NEMO® progressing cavity pump with heating jacket conveys particularly gently

Confectioneries & Bakeries

It has been over 10,000 years since the beginning of grain cultivation. The understanding of the use of grains has been an important evolutionary process in human history. It was not until the invention of the oven and the discovery of the effect of yeast that finally made bread a staple food in people's diets. Not only did the Egyptians cultivate yeast for use in baking, but it was also in Egypt that refinements to the oven were made. Five thousand years ago, over 30 different types of bread existed in Egypt. From there, the art of bread making found its way into Europe through Greece and the Roman Empire. It was finally in Europe where the largest variety of breads were developed over the centuries.

Bakery products fall into three general categories: bread loaves, smaller bread products (such as pretzels, rolls, or croissants) and pastries (such as cookies, cakes, or pies). Each of these catagories requires special dough, ingredient treatment and supervision.

In modern baking establishments and industrial bakeries, NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps plays an established role in a variety of demanding handling requirements. For example, special designs are available for the transport of chocolate and marzipan. NEMO® Hygienic Pumps can handle sensitive yeast mixtures. In addition to the various doughs and batters, NETZSCH pumps can transport fats, oils, honey, egg mixtures, fruit juices, flavoring agents, glucose, almond pastes, nut pastes, fruit, gelatin, fillings and other ingredients. The optimal pump type selection depends upon the properties of the substance in the respective stage of the production process. Our experts will find you the perfect solution for your application.

NEMO® progressing cavity pump

  • Medium: Chocolate
  • Throughput volume: 25 m³/h
  • Pressure: Max. 12 bar


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