Oil & Gas

Dependable pump systems for dependable results

Our world’s demand for energy is continually growing. The extraction of crude oil, however, is becoming more and more complex as a result of discoveries in more challenging geological structures. Due to ever greater proportions of suspended solids, and ever higher gas content, viscosity has increased tremendously.  Innovative pump technologies by NETZSCH make safe and dependable production processes possible with low life cycle costs. Our comprehensive product line is sure to include the perfect pump system for your on- or offshore, up- or downstream application.

To enable our customers to keep up with our growing environmental responsibility, NETZSCH pumps adhere to the highest quality standards.

Oil & Gas Mid-/Downstream

NETZSCH Mid-/Downstream Products – We convey your medium to where you need it! NEMO PUMPS® for downstream applications are very versatile due to the variety of construction materials and sealing systems offered. more information

Oil & Gas Upstream