NEMO® progressing cavity pumps

1 Rotor


In wear and corrosion resistant design, including the wear-free ceramic rotor, NEMO CERATEC®.

2 Stator

We manufacture stators to the latest standards. Stators minimize the tolerance range thereby optimizing the performance of the pump. Our unique, fully networked production and process data monitoring system, developed in-house, is supported by consistent quality testing.

We offer you 2 types of stators:

2.1 Stator with conventional technology

Vulcanized into a tube, with integrated seals on both ends in a variety of NEMOLAST® elastomers, plastics or metals. Stator inlet with chamfer to facilitate the entry of the fluid into the conveying chamber.

2.2. Stator with iFD Technology

The stator consists of a disposable elastomer part and an aluminium outer sleeve in which the NEMOLAST® elastomer is housed. The advantages of this new technology are the reduced starting torque, higher degree of efficiency, longer lifetime, and simple and quick change, along with easy disposal.

3 Drive train

Plug in shaft with coupling rod and two universal joints for power transmission from the drive to the rotor.

The joints are available in various versions, some are patented by NETZSCH

B Universal Pin Joint

The NEMO® universal pin joint is the standard joint for NEMO® industrial pumps due to their simplicity and outstanding reliability. This joint delivers a very long service life as a result of its sturdy dimensions, oil-filled design and NEMO® SM® seal. At extremely high temperatures and for products where elastomers are not suitable, the NEMO® pin joint can be used without a seal. The NEMO® universal pin joint is comprised of a small number of parts and can therefore be easily disassembled for maintenance.

V Pin Joint

The operational characteristics of the NEMO® V pin joint are similar to those of the B pin joint. The only difference lies in the hardened bushings, which are fitted into the boreholes of the coupling rod and the rotor/drive shaft head. These can be easily removed for maintenacne work. This joint is also oil-filled and encapsulated with a NEMO® SM® seal for long service life. The NEMO® V Pin Joint has only a few components for fast disassembly and maintenance.

H Hygienic Pin Joint

The open, patented pin joint was designed specifically for use in sanitary pumps. It is free of crevices and dead space, and is polished for easy cleaning. The joint assembly has few components and can be quickly dismantled for maintenance. The NEMO® H Hygienic Pin Joint satisfies the requirements of the 3-A Sanitary Standards of the USA.

F NEMO® Flextec Flexible Rod

This patented, flexible rod made of special steel is highly corrosion-resistant, wear-free and maintenance-free because no components move against each other as in other joint types. Neither lubricants nor seals are needed which enables the flexible rod to be used in high pressure and high temperature conditions. Since it is free of crevices and dead space, it is a good choice for conveying highly sensitive products and can be used in aseptic conditions. It is designed in accordance to the 3-A Sanitary Standards of the USA.

K Joint

The patented K joint was designed for extremely high, long-term stress involving constant pump running, frequent stop/starts or shock loads. The K joint is kinematically designed so that the torque and axial loads are borne by separate elements within the joint. The joint is oil filled and hermetically sealed by two seals which are resistant (compatible) against the lubricant and the pumped product. Filling the space between the two seals with oil allows the use of the joints at ambient pressures up to 180 psi or 12 bar.

Z Double Seal Pivot Joint

For greater flows and pressures NEMO® industrial pumps (from bearing housing size NM 125SY and above), where the torques and axial loads are at their highest, the pumps are fitted as standard with a cartridge type precision pivot joint. The joint is oil filled, hermetically sealed by two seals which are resistant (compatible) to the lubricant and the pumped product. This joint style is suitable for continuous operation.