Principles of Company Culture

Customer Orientation

I strive for high satisfaction of all my internal and external customers. I know and understand my customers' needs and I direct my actions accordingly. My customers' success is my personal success and that of my company.


I shall keep my promises to colleagues and customers and expect the same from them. In the case of inevitable deviations in dates and performance, I shall inform my partners at my earliest convenience.


Ihonor and respect people regardless of who or what they are. I show high esteem by presenting myself in an open and honest manner. I am punctual, well-prepared and I stick to every appointment.

Ability to Deal with Conflict

I deal with conflicts in a direct and open way and I contribute to find solutions. I am an active listener with constructive involvement; in case of uncertainties I will asq questions in order to better understand the situation and to provide immediate feedback.


I know that the result of teamwork is almost always superior to the result of an individual; therefore, I always contribute to the team with my views and strengths. My actions, regardless of myself or in the team, are targeted to measurable success.

Learning Organization 

I know that my company is successful if the amount of improvement, diversification, and our reaction time is superior to the competitors'; therefore, I am always receptive to new ideas. I am well aware of chances and potential improvements. I suggest solutions and actively contribute to the team in order to introduce alterations. I enlarge my cnowledge and develop my peronality in cooperation with others.

The Business Unit "Pumps" of NETZSCH is the world leader for progressing cavity pumps and complementary products. In order to maintain and further extend this world market leadership, a permanent internal corporate renewal and corporate progression is required. This affects the business unit in its entirety, NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH as the headquarters as well as their affiliates and subsidiaries.

The principles of the corporate culture are based on positive experiences and results of corporate development in recent years. These principles are obligatory guidelines for all employees of NETZSCH Pumps North America, LCC in their professional everyday life and should be maintained equally by both executives and staff.

The principles of the corporate culture will directly correlate with the implementation of the contents in the NETZSCH Management Manual, the vision and strategy of the Business Unit "Pumps" and will help to accomplish our goals.

The Management team of Pumps North America, LCC declares that these principles of a corporate culture are binding upon both the Management team itself and all employees.

Exton, July 2009
NETZSCH Pumps North America, LCC
The Management Team