Accessories and Optional Equipment for Pumps & Systems

The ideal supplement for the various requirements of NETZSCH products

Progressive Cavity Pump - Dry Run Protector

Dry Running Protection for NEMOLAST® Stators

The dry running protection units (STP2A, STP2D, STP3) continuously monitor the surface temperature of the stator during operation. If the operating temperature rises over a predetermined set point, due to an increase in friction caused by dry running, a signal is sent to the motor control unit and the pump shuts down. This prevents any damage to stator and rotor. The controller can be set for two different switch-off temperatures. The first set temperature would be for the normally pumped product. The second temperature can be set for a different substance temperature, for example, during a cleaning process.


Flow Sensing Unit for Progressive Cavity Pumps

Flow Sensing Unit for Solid Stators

The flow sensing unit is used to protect a pump fitted with a solid stator against dry running. The unit is installed in close proximity to the pump itself, either in the suction or in the discharge pipework. If flow drops below a certain level, indicating a dry running condition, a signal is sent to the motor control unit and the pump shuts down, thus preventing any damage.

Speed Monitoring Device for Progressing Cavity Pumps

Speed Monitoring Device

Some processes require monitoring of the rotational speed of the pump. When this is necessary, NETZSCH can supply impulse switches mounted to the drive unit. The shaft can be fitted with one or more contacts to measure the required number of impulses per revolution. These units can be fitted to both block construction and bearing housing pump designs and are supplied securely mounted to the pedestal or the bearing block.

Diaphragm Pressure Gauge for Progressing Cavity Pumps

Diaphragm Pressure Gauge, G 3/4-Inch Connection

A pressure gauge which is isolated from the process fluid by a stainless steel diaphragm is available. The G 3/4-inch gauge is designed for use with substances with low to medium viscosity. This gauge can be combined with a switch to automatically shut off the pump when the maximum allowable pressure is exceeded; this cut-out pressure is adjustable.

Diaphragm Pressure Gauge with Flanged Connection for Single Screw Pumps

Diaphragm Pressure Gauge with DN50/PN40 or 2” ANSI B16.5 330 lb. Flanged Connection

This pressure gauge differs from the G 3/4-inch by means of the DN50 open measuring flange. The large nominal width of the measuring flange provides protection against overpressure even for highly viscous and clogging substances.

Pressure Control Device for Single Screw Pumps

Pressure Control Device DTSL 3

The operating pressure is displayed by a Bourdon gauge that is securely isolated from the process fluid by means of an elastic diaphragm. The pump shuts down automatically when the maximum allowable pressure is exceeded; this cut-out pressure is adjustable. The Pressure Control Device can be supplied with a differential pressure on/off switch.

Multi-Function Pressure Instrument for Helical Screw Pumps

Multi-Function Pressure Instrument

Along with a display indicating the current operating pressure of the pump, this easy-to-install unit allows you to set additional points for alarm or emergency shut-down due to overpressure.

Quench Pot for Helical Screw Pumps

Quench Pot

A shaft seal quench pot flushed with fluids can prevent dry running of the shaft seal ring. Quench pots can also prevent pumped product from crystallizing due to contact with the atmosphere.

Permanent Lubricator for Eccentric Screw Pumps

Permanent Lubricator

The Permanent Lubricator supports the sealing function of the shaft seal. It can be used for packed glands as well as mechanical seals fitted with an additional quench ring. The Permanent Lubricator keeps grease in the grease chamber ring or quench pot under pressure by means of a pre-stressed spring. A shut-off device on the lubricator can be activated to accommodate periods when the pump is idle.

Pressurized Flushing for Eccentric Screw Pumps

Pressurized Flushing for Double Mechanical Seal Systems

Back-to-back mechanical seals require a sealing water supply unit for correct operation and the sealing pressure must be must be at least 29 psi / 2 bar above the prevailing pressure in the suction housing. A pressure and flow monitoring system is mounted onto the pump to control the volume of flow in the seal chamber.

Gear Joint Filling Unit for Eccentric Screw Pumps

Gear Joint Filling Unit

Gear joints require lubricating oil for operation and that oil is specified in the NETZSCH Operating and Maintenance Manual. A Gear Joint Filling Unit which includes a an oil container, pump unit and hoses, is a quick and easy way to completely fill the gear joint.

Ring Dosing Nozzle for Eccentric Screw Pumps

Ring Dosing Nozzle

When conveying high viscosity media, we recommend you install a ring dosing nozzle to reduce pressure loss in the pipeline. This nozzle fits directly behind the pressure joint of the pump and, depending on the lubricant introduced through the nozzle, the discharge pressure can be reduced by up to 70% as a result of frictional loss. This option can significantly lower investment and operating costs.

Chemical Anchors for Eccentric Screw Pumps

Anchor Bolts

To fix pump baseplates to the ground securely, we recommend the use of our anchor bolts. A two-component adhesive is used to secure the anchor to the floor. After a short curing time, the anchor is fixed to the ground, allowing subsequent mounting of the baseplate and the pump.

Stator Removal Tool for Screw Pumps

Stator Removal Tool

This tool aids in the removal and mounting of stators. For pump sizes up to NM 045, we recommend the use of our strap wrench. For the pump sizes from NM 053 upward, our chain wrench is recommended.

Machine Feet for Eccentric Screw Pumps

Machine Feet

To protect floor surfaces, machine feet can be mounted directly to the baseplate for pump installation. Flooring is not damaged as it would be with an anchor bolt system. After installation, there are no crevices or hollows for the accumulation of bacteria and the floor is more easily accessed for cleaning. The stainless steel threaded spindle of each foot adjusts to irregularities in the floor surface.

Cart Assemblies

When your application requires a mobile pump, we can supply a sturdy cart assembly.

Covers for Drive Monitors

Covers can be supplied in a range of stainless steel materials to protect the drive unit against spraying and condensation. They can be provided to protect against hot drives, the open environment, as a shield for the rotating drive shaft of the pump or simply for aesthetics.