MultiProtector: la unidad de evaluación y protección

MultiProtector: The Monitoring and Protection Unit

Pump protection module for positive displacement pumps enables damage prevention

The MultiProtector monitoring and protection unit offers you monitoring and analysis of pump data and warns you at an early stage of the potential for emerging damage to your positive displacement pump. The unit and the associated app enable the definition of threshold values, documentation of the fault history and live diagnostics.

Two of the biggest dangers for displacement pumps are dry running and overpressure. Dry running damages the elastomer of the progressing cavity pump by overheating within a short time. The lack of product ends the cooling and lubrication benefits. In addition, positive displacement pumps can briefly deliver more than twice the pressure, which leads to a sudden load on the joints, the drive chain and the gear motor. With the MultiProtector, you can detect these potential malfunctions early and are able to react accordingly. Data on product temperature, stator temperature, leakage, overpressure, motor voltage and motor temperature are continuously analyzed. If a threshold value is exceeded, a warning signal is triggered, and the pump is switched off. The app enables the definition of threshold values, documentation of the error history and live diagnostics. It offers you the simple display of the documentation in real time on all mobile devices, such as smartphone, tablet or laptop. With the evaluation and protection unit, you can both protect your pump from damage and optimize processes.

MultiProtector, the Evaluation and Protection Unit

1 Temperature and voltage sensor
The temperature sensor measures the motor temperature and voltage to detect overheating of the motor at an early stage.

2 Temperature sensor
This sensor monitors the temperature of the pumped material to prevent temperature-related damage to the pumped product.

3 Leakage sensor
The leakage sensor reliably detects conductive liquids and is ideal for monitoring leakage and material moisture.

4 Temperature sensor
This sensor measures the temperature of the stator so that overheating and the resulting increased wear can be detected early.

5 Pressure sensor
Measures the hydraulic pressure at the pump's discharge connection thereby reliably protecting against overpressure.

  • Adjust and evaluate several sensors with one device
  • Simple installation, as only one device is required for all sensors
  • Simple commissioning through setup via app
  • Increased operational safety through advance warning and shutdown in the event of a fault
  • Prolonged service life through information on preventive maintenance
  • Simple parameterization, diagnosis and reporting in the MultiProtector app
  • Simple analysis of diagnostic data
  • Optimum condition monitoring via smartphone, tablet or PC

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