NEMO® Barrel Emptying Pumps

We’ll get the very last of it out for you!

NEMO® Barrel Emptying Pumps suction themselves automatically to the bottom of the barrel or container to achieve almost residue-free emptying in the chemical, pharmaceutical and foods industries. The heart of the Barrel Emptying System is a volumetrically conveying NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pump.

When the NEMO® Pump is started, a vacuum is created under the follower plate. The vacuum simultaneously puts slight pressure on the substance that guarantees constant suction in the pump.

Features of NEMO® Barrel Emptying Pumps:

  • very gentle conveyance
  • nearly residual-free emptying
  • conveyance of compacted products
  • conveyance of solids

NEMO® Barrel Emptying Pumps offer you:

  • conveyance volume in proportion to rotation speed
  • constant low-pulsation conveyance
  • high efficiency
  • low life cycle costs combined with easy serviceability

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NETZSCH Barrel Emptying Pumps

NEMO® Barrel Emptying Pumps

Our Design – Your Advantage: Easy Serviceability, Dependability, Operating Safety

1 Base Frame
Base frame with pneumatic lifting device

2 Pump
NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pump

3 Follower Plate
Follower plate with leveling collar

4 Electrical Control
Design according to customer specifications

5 Pneumatic Control
As one-hand or two-hand control

General Construction of NEMO® Barrel Emptying Pumps

  • lifting device in steel, powder-coated
  • depending upon the model, with 1 to 3 pneumatic cylinders with or without linear sliding guide
  • depending upon the model, with one-hand or two-hand pneumatic control
  • extraction pump
  • follower plate

The NETZSCH TORNADO® Industrial Rotary Lobe Pump is available…

  • in stationary, mobile and table-top models
  • with optional security enclosure
  • for container sizes from 1 to 265 gal
  • in capacities from 0.009 gpm to 22 gpm
  • for metering directly from the barrel
  • in other designs upon request

…and conveys

  •  low to high viscosity, highly filled and highly abrasive substances



NEMO® Barrel Emptying Pumps

Universally applicable – The NEMO® Barrel Emptying Pump empties nearly any container!

Wide Array of Applications
The NEMO® Barrel Emptying Pump is used primarily for substances with the following properties…

  • low to high viscosity
  • dilatant, thixotropic or structurally viscous
  • highly filled
  • shear-sensitive and pressure-sensitive
  • highly abrasive
  • sticky or gel-like
  • heated or unheated

…such as

  • RTV silicones
  • 1K and 2K epoxies
  • PUR sealing compounds
  • petroleum jelly
  • various fats
  • fruit concentrates
  • doughs

Additional Features of the NEMO® Barrel Emptying Pump

  • nearly shear-free handling of highly viscous, highly abrasive or highly filled substances
  • continuous or intermittent emptying
  • clean emptying, residue of less than 1-2%
  • constant flow
  • very gentle, low-pulsation handling
  • very little pressure on the follower plate
  • emptying of conical barrels
  • low pressure conditions in the system
  • capacity is infinitely adjustable by means of the rotation of the motor
  • metering directly from the barrel

Wide Range of Capacities

  •     flow rates of approx. 0.5 gpm to approx. 1300 gpm



NEMO® Barrel Emptying Pumps – Spare Parts and Accessories

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