NEMO® Dispensers and Handdispensers

NEMO® Dispensers and NEMO® Hand Dispensers

Highest reproducibility and metering accuracy in a wide range of applications

Precision, versatility and gentle conveying: NEMO® dispensers guarantee you the highest dispensing accuracy and reproducibility. Because of these properties, they are used in various applications in the cosmetics industry, in the chemical industry, in the area of consumer or industrial goods, in the electrical appliance industry and the size of electronic components.

No challenge is too great for the NEMO® dispensers and hand dispensers. They can easily handle low-to-high viscosity and abrasive-to-anaerobic product in an efficient manner. Even shear- and pressure-sensitive products pose no difficulties. In addition, the metering accuracy of approximately one per cent and the speed-proportional delivery rate is ensured even with demanding product. You can dose your products completely without dripping. This prevents rejects and consequently unnecessary costs. The dispensers and manual dispensers are notable for their compact design and a valve-free metering method. On the one hand, this prevents increased downtimes, and, on the other hand, the dispensers are optimally suited for inhomogeneous liquids and applications in robotics and servo technology. Optionally, the dispensers can be temperature-controlled so you can also quickly convey product that tends to harden or requires temperature control.

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1 Drive
Planetary gear with re-enforced bearing.

2 Pump housing
Manufactured from aluminum.

3 Drive shaft
With robust bearing for precise true-running of shaft.

4 Shaft sealing
Twin lip seal for highest vacuum pressure load.

5 Rotor
In wear and corrosion resistant versions.

6 Stator
In various qualities for highest durability and abrasion resistance.

7 End connection
Manufactured from aluminum.

7 Block design
The drive is flanged directly to the pump pedestal, resulting in compact dimensions, low total weight, constant shaft heights independent of the drive's design and size, low maintenance and high serviceability, as well as economy.


Metering volume


Metering quantity min.


Flow rate


Dispense speed max.


NDP0400-04 0.18 0.075 2-36 200


0.25 6-200 200


2 0.5 13-400 200
NDP1000-03 4 1 26-800 200

*Additional sizes and technical data on request.

  • Low-pulsation conveying enables highest metering accuracy
  • Compact design for easy installation in robotic applications
  • Gentle conveying of products containing solids
  • No dripping or stringing even with low-viscosity media due to universally adjustable retraction of the nozzle
  • Temperature and viscosity-independent conveying of a wide variety of products

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