NEMO C.Pro Dosing Pump


Universal Metering Pump

Universal Metering Pump

The NEMO® C.Pro Metering Pump is a fully synthetic pump for the precise metering of a great variety of chemicals in environmental and chemical industries. Its synthetic construction makes it perfectly suited for the gentle and low-pulsation handling and metering of aggressive or non-aggressive chemicals.

With only six main parts, the NEMO® C.Pro is economical and easy to service.

Features of the NEMO® C.Pro

  • universally applicable for many types of media - even acids and bases
  • continuous low-pulsation handling unaffected by fluctuations in pressure and viscosity
  • capacity in proportion to rotation speed with precision metering over the entire speed range

The NEMO® C.Pro offers you:

  • constant and nearly pulsation-free metering
  • metering in proportion to rotation speed
  • reversible direction
  • wide metering range
  • gentle product handling
  • easy serviceability

Everything from a single supplier
For the various applications in your processes, NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps and NETZSCH TORNADO® Rotary Lobe Pumps are available from a single source!

Take advantage of our decades of experience and expertise in positive-displacement pump manufacture.

NEMO C.Pro Dosing Pump

® C.Pro Universal Metering Pump

1 Rotating Unit
A jointless single-part rotating unit made of maintenance-free plastic. To convey abrasive or non-lubricating substances, the C.Pro can be equipped with a rotor chromed in high-grade steel.

2 Stator
The C.Pro Pump comes standard with an iFD-Stator®.
The stator consists of a reusable stator housing with a polygonal profile and an elastomer stator core. Some advantages of this new technology include low breakaway torque, higher efficiency, increased operating life, simple and quick replacement, and hassle-free disposal.

3 Mechanical Seal and Housing
The mechanical seal is positioned in the product flow, ensuring permanent flushing by the medium and preventing the sedimentation of solid materials. It comes standard with a fully encapsulated single-acting bi-directional rubber boot seal and anti-friction surfaces made of solid SiC.

4 Suction Housing
The housing is made of abrasion-proof, highly resistant polyurethane. The universal flange with nominal width DN20 PN16 to DIN and ¾" ANSI B16,5 150 LBS makes installation and removal.

5 Stator and Discharge Housing
The connection is made of abrasion-proof, highly resistant polyurethane. The universal flange with nominal width DN20 PN16 to DIN and ¾" ANSI B16,5 150 LBS allows easy installation and removal from the plant.

6 Drive
Available drive options include an A-C gear motor, a 1200 rpm A-C motor with VFD controller or 600 rpm D-C motor with SCR controller.

The NEMO® C.Pro offers you:

  • continuous and low-pulsation handling
  • metering in proportion to rotation speed
  • reversible direction of rotation and pumping
  • high suction and pressure capability
  • single-part rotating unit
  • mechanical seal in product flow
  • maintenance-free and serviceability
  • compact and economic design


  • flow rates from 0.02 to 265 gph / 0.1 to 1000 l/h
  • pressures up to 225 psi / 15 bar
  • temperature range from 0°F to 105°F / -17°C to 40°C
  • precision metering with deviation +/-1%
  • Constant and nearly pulsation-free dosing
  • Dosing in proportion to rotation speed
  • Reversible direction of rotation and dosing
  • Large dosing range
  • Gentle product conveyance
  • Universally applicable for many media - even acids and bases
  • Easy serviceability

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