Downstream – NEMO® Multiphase Pumps

The solution for low-pulsation delivery of media with high gas content

Very seldom does crude oil arrive at the surface in pure form; usually it is mixed with water, sand and gas. Conventional pumps require the gas first be separated from the crude oil, however, not with NETZSCH NEMO® Multiphase Pumps. NEMO® Multiphase Pumps can be used for crude oil with a gas content of up to 100%.

Features of NEMO® Multiphase Pumps:

  • handles substances with high gas content
  • low-pulsation handling
  • high suction capability

NEMO® Multiphase Pumps offer you:

  • low life cycle costs
  • low installation costs
  • high pressure stability
  • precision metering

Advantages of the NEMO® Multiphase Pump

  • tolerates high conveying pressures
  • effective even if the oil has a high water content
  • dependable operation even with high-viscosity oils
  • can be used for substances with a high solid content


1 Rotor
In wear- and corrosion-resistant designs.

2 Stator
Vulcanized into the tube with sealing on both sides in a variety of elastomers, plastics and metals. Stator inlet with conically-shaped opening for improved feed of the product into the pumping element. The stator is oil-, acid- and alkali-resistant.

3 Drive Train
Coupling rod and two universal joints for the transmission of power from the drive to the rotor.

4 Shaft Seals
Standard with single-acting, bi-directional, wear-resistant mechanical seal. Upon request, with single- or double-acting mechanical seals of varied designs and from various manufacturers, cartridge and special seals as well as packed glands.

5 Suction and Discharge Housing
Flange and threaded connections in accordance with DIN and international standards. Materials in cast iron, steel, chrome-nickel-steel rubberized; also special materials upon request.

6 Block Construction
The drive is flanged directly to the pedestal of the pump, resulting in compact dimensions, low total weight, constant axial heights irrespective of the construction type and size of the drive, and ease of maintenance and serviceability as well as high efficiency.

The NETZSCH NEMO® Transfer Pump is available in …

  • cast iron
  • chrome-nickel-steels
  • duplex and super-duplex steels
  • Hastelloy
  • titanium
  • plastics and ceramic materials
  • special materials

… conveys ….

  • capacities from a few gph to 2200 gph
  • pressures of up to 750 psi in standard form

…and offers a great variety of shaft seals such as:

  • packed glands
  • shaft sealing rings
  • single-acting, bi-directional mechanical seals with and without quench
  • double-acting mechanical seals (tandem and back-to-back)
  • magnetic coupling
  • thermosiphon systems

Certification / Credentials

  • DIN ISO 9001
  • Certification in accordance with § 19 WHG
  • ATEX Directive
  • GOST R and GOST K
  • Material certifications
  • Test reports
  • Welding certificates
  • Non-destructive material testing
  • Sound level measurement
  • Quality plans
  • Progress reports
  • Other certification and credentials upon request

Downstream – NEMO® Multiphase Pumps

NEMO® Multiphase Pumps are dependable even under the most difficult conditions

NEMO® Multiphase Pumps are simple and safe to operate; elaborate control systems are not needed. The construction material used for the Multiphase Pump will depend upon its field of application, allowing for dependable operation even at the lowest temperatures.

Wide Range of Applications
The NEMO® Multiphase Pump is used primarily for substances with the following properties…

  • low to high viscosity (1 cPs to 3,000,000 cPs)
  • thixotropic and dilatant
  • shear-sensitive
  • abrasive
  • sticky to dry
  • aggressive (pH 0 to 14)
  • adhesive
  • toxic

… such as

  • crude oil with a high gas content
  • crude oil polluted with water and sand
  • oil/water emulsions
  • water in oil deposits

Additional Features of the NEMO® Multiphase Pump:

  • high suction capability up to 29 ftWC
  • bi-directional
  • vertical or horizontal installation
  • low noise, low vibration
  • temperatures from -40°F to 570°F


The following accessories are available for NETZSCH NEMO® multiphase pumps:

  • A great assortment of shaft sealing systems planned in accordance with API 682 and seal sizes in accordance with API 610
  • Systems for monitoring the pressure
  • Dry running protection units
  • Safety valves
  • Electrical control systems
  • Bypass lines
  • Application-specific baseplates
  • A great variety of drive systems
TORNADO® T.Envi® Rotary Lobe Pump

The TORNADO® T.Envi® rotary lobe pumps in FSIP® design are optimally adapted to your requirements in environmental and biogas technology and impress with easy maintenance.

Downstream – NEMO® Water-Injection Pump

Crude oil deposits are often discovered in spongy rock. To extract it, fluids must be pumped into the earth under high pressures. NEMO® Water-Injection Pumps are particularly well-suited for this application since their capacity can be changed in accordance with rotation speed.

NEMO® BT Immersible Pump With Hanging Bracket or Dome Cover Flange

NEMO® Immersible Pumps are used for emptying barrels, tanks, and pits. They are also used where space is limited and the danger of cavitation may be present. In addition, these pumps are suitable for emptying barrels containing materials hazardous to water and the environment.

NEMO® SY Industrial Construction in Bearing Housing Design with Free Shaft Extension

The NEMO® SY Progressing Cavity Pump is used for demanding applications in every branch of industry worldwide. Bearing block with free shaft extension design pump can be run with any type of drive, such as servo motors, diesel motors or hydraulic drives.


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