NOTOS® 2NSH Hygienic Screw Pump

NOTOS® 2NSH Sanitary Twin Screw Pump

Small installation space due to compact construction with optional heating jacket

The NOTOS® 2NSH sanitary twin screw pump in the conventional, round pump housing offers different options and advantages. In addition to an optional heating or cooling jacket, the screw pump provides a compact and robust design.

The twin screw pump was designed for sanitary applications to optimally convey media with higher viscosity at high working pressures up to 230 psi or 16 bar. Chocolate, fruit juices or fruit yogurt, for example, are pumped while retaining their consistency and natural properties without any loss of quality. The round pump housing of the conventional version is considerably shorter than the FSIP® model. It requires a smaller footprint and consequently less installation space. The 2NSH is made of AISI 316L stainless steel. Its surfaces are polished inside and out according to international standards to prevent sticking of the medium and facilitate cleaning. There is no contact between the rotating conveying elements. The optional heating or cooling jacket is installed around the entire housing in which the screws are located. An external, independent circuit heats or cools the jacket. This pump is perfect for applications where the pumped fluid tends to harden or requires temperature control to guarantee its quality.

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1 Bearing housing
The stainless steel bearing housing allows the unit to be cleaned externally. It is equipped with a needle bearing, which has a high load capacity.

2 Pump housing with optional heating jacket
The round and compact pump housing of the NOTOS® 2NSH is made of one piece and is shorter than the FSIP® version. The surface in contact with the product is polished to prevent the liquid from sticking and facilitating cleaning. For the "conventional, round version" of the NOTOS® 2NSH sanitary twin screw pump, a pump housing with a heating jacket is also available for applications where the temperature of the pumped medium is to be kept at a certain level.

3 Flanges
Internally polished flanges as per sanitary standards to ensure complete pump cleaning [Ra < 0.8 μm]. Various sanitary connection options available such as Tri-Clamp, SMS, Milk Thread, DIN, RJT Fittings and others.

4 Screws
The stainless steel screws have a highly efficient profile that allows higher flow rates with low fluid shear. Several pitch options are available, all balanced and with a high suction capacity. Screw replacement is easy without disassembly of the bearings. Interchangeable screws of the same size / length with variable pitch are available.

5 Shaft sealing
Various single-acting and double-acting interchangeable cartridge mechanical seals are available for the modular design and fit into the same housing. A pressure flush and pressure less quench connection are available optionally.

6 Synchronization gears
The helical gear ensures smooth torque transmission between the screws and guarantees contactless operation of the pump elements.

7 Drive
The drive is flanged directly to the pump, resulting in compact dimensions, low total weight and constant shaft heights regardless of the design and size of the drive.



Pressure max.

psi / bar

Capacity max. 

 gpm / m3/h

Operating rotational speed


Cleaning rotational speed


2NSH-/16L1E 232 / 16 48 / 11 1,800 3,600
2NSH-/16L2E 232 / 16 110 / 25 1,800 3,600
2NSH-/16L3E 232 / 16 286 / 65 1,800 3,600
2NSH-/16L4E 232 / 16 568 / 129 1.800 3,600
2NSH-/16L5E 232 /16 880 / 200 1,800 3,600

*Additional sizes and technical data on request.


  • Optional heating or cooling jacket
  • Compact and robust design
  • No contact between rotating parts
  • No dead spaces
  • Seals with food-grade certification
  • Conveying of a wide variety of media possible
  • Low pulsation
  • High suction capability
  • Reversible flow
  • Large capacity and pressure range
  • Smooth feeding of the product to the conveying elements

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