TORNADO® rotary lobe pump on wheels for use at the most unusual of locations

A TORNADO® rotary lobe pump mounted to a mobile base: this is the NETZSCH TORNADO® Mobile. Attached to your car, truck or as a trailer it is possible to pump large quantities of fluids with solid content, wastewater and slurries at remote sites. Based on the given application, a TORNADO® rotary lobe pump is selected in the appropriate size and then installed onto a trailer. High capacity and small space requirements make the TORNADO® Mobile ideal for use in any disaster situation.

1 Pump type XLB-8/2
Bi-directional, self-priming rotary lobe pump, with pulsation-free helical lobes made from GG25 cast iron with NBR rubber coating, supported by two bearings. Adjustable housing half-shells and replaceable frontal wear plates.

2 Diesel Drive
Powerful 4-cylinder diesel drive, 4-stroke direct injection engine, water cooler, fuel filter, air filter, injection pump, lubricating oil filter, oil pan, oil level dipstick, thermostat, cooling fan. 12 V starter. Soundproof hood ensures quiet operation. Suction filter, exhaust assembly with muffler also provided.

3 Connections
Suction: Customized discharge and suction flanges and piping are available.

4 Trailer
Completely hot-dip galvanized; made from stable, torsionally rigid structural steel with drive consoles and vibration dampers. Stable, hinged front support wheel; 4 supports with hand crank. Overrun brake with auto-reverse, fitted with towing eye for truck hitching; tarp and bows. Total weight 7500 lbs.

5 Drive Accessories
Optimized starting, tachometer with adjustable speed monitor, ignition starter switch, and error memory. Preset-able shut off timer, resettable hours run meter, total hours run meter.

6 Gear and Coupling
Directly flanged gear reducer, 3:1 ratio reduction, with hand-operated clutch.

The TORNADO® Mobile – Rotary Lobe Pumps

Our Design – Your Advantage: Easy Serviceability, Dependability, Operating Safety

Our design - your benefit: low life cycle costs

NETZSCH GSS Technology - Gearbox Security System

Provides positive separation between pump head/product seals and pump gear box. Protects bearing and timing gears extending operational life time. Eliminates product ingress into gear box in the unlikely event of product seal failure. Eliminates the risk of gear oil ingress into the pump media. Reduces product seal replacement costs

1 Housing
Modular design with an adjustable housing for a long service life.

2 Wear Protection Plates
Highly abrasion-resistant, replaceable wear plates on both sides of the lobes.

3 Timing Gear
Patented timing gear design, with decoupled gaskets for pump and gear, reliably purges any product leakage and prevents infiltration into the timing gear.

4 Shaft Seals
Easy to service shaft seals with bi-directional and wear-resistant single-acting mechanical seals. Mechanical seals meeting DIN/ISO standards from any manufacturer can be installed.

5 Housing Cover Plate
Rotary lobe, pump and gear seals can easily be serviced or exchanged after removal of the housing cover plate; it is not necessary to disassemble the pump housing or piping.

6 Rotary Lobes
Two- to four-bladed, straight or beveled rotary lobes in various elastomer qualities are available for different applications.

The NETZSCH TORNADO® Industrial Rotary Lobe Pump is available …

  • in three models: MB, XB, XLB
  • for flow rates from 5 to 4,400 gpm
  • for differential pressures up to 85 psi
  • with four rotary lobe models
  • with wear-proof and chemically resistant elastomers
  • with cast iron or stainless steel housing
  • with high-grade carbide mechanical seals

Three frames, supporting twelve pump sizes, provide standard solutions for flowrates from 5 gpm to 4,400 gpm up to 85 psi

NETZSCH TORNADO® pumps can be selected and configured to suit individual duty, application and installation requirements. The wide range of wetted materials and product seals available cover the majority of applications in the Environment & Energy, Chemical & Paper and Oil & Gas process industries.

The design of the classic TORNADO® T1



TORNADO® Rotary Lobe Pump

High performance rotary lobe pump with maximum operational reliability

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