TORNADO® T.Sano® All-Metal Rotary Lobe Pump

TORNADO® T.Sano® All-Metal Rotary Lobe Pump

Dead-Space Free Design and FSIP® - Full Service-in-Place for Sanitary Applications

The TORNADO® T.Sano® rotary lobe pump in all-metal design is the optimum solution for your applications in the sanitary market due to its oil and dead-space free design. It is also easy to maintain thanks to the FSIP® (Full Service-In-Place) concept. Primarily, the all-metal pump is used in the chemical, cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical markets.

With the self-priming rotary lobe pump in all-metal design, you can reliably convey abrasive and aggressive media. Even adhesive or shear-sensitive substances with high sanitary requirements are no challenge for the powerful pump. Like its sister for industrial applications in elastomer/metal design, it conveys continuously and constantly. Metering by speed is also possible. The dead-space free design prevents contamination of the media. For the residue-free cleaning of the pump, you can use the proven CIP (Cleaning-In-Place) process and the SIP (Sterilization-In-Place) process which allows the system to be cleaned or sterilized in a circular or continuous process without prior disassembly. Maintenance can be done without removal from the pipeline, thanks to the FSIP® concept. With the help of the setting device mounted in front of the pump cover, you can optimally position the rotors after servicing. No expensive special tools are needed. Also, the rotors can be installed and removed independently of each other.

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TORNADO® T.Sano® All-Metal Rotary Lobe Pump

1 Rotor setting device
Using the setting device, the lobes are adjusted radially and axially.

2 Front cover
The pump cover can be opened from the front without expensive special tools. This gives you quick and easy access to the entire pump chamber. Optionally, the pump cover can be heated.

3 Rotor
The all-metal rotors have two lobes. Due to the simple geometry, each rotor can be installed and removed independently. Also, no axial adjustment work is required on the rotors.

4 Seal
The cartridge design is available in single- and double-acting versions. The seal is positioned specifically to avoid dead space, and the rotating seal faces are within the conveyed medium.

5 Rotor case
The suction housing is available with two options for connections: Flanged or threaded. The interior of the housing has no dead space.

6 Bearing housing
The bearing housing is designed according to the BSS-System (Bearing Security System): It is physically separated from the pump housing. The bearings are lubricated for life.

7 Tooth belt drive
Synchronization and drive via maintenance free tooth belt drive, which runs completely oil-free.


Pressure max.


Pressure max.


Capacity min.


Capacity min.


Capacity max.


Capacity max.




T2 08/8



2.2 0.5 31 7


T2 06/12 90 6 8.8 2 48 11 800
T2 08/45 145 10 35 8 172 39 600
T2 06/70 120 8 53 12 255 58 600
T2 08/100 145 10 70 16 361 82 600
T2 06/140 120 8 105 24 525 119 600

*Additional sizes and technical data on request.

  • Oil-free belt drive
  • Dead-space free design, with rotor mounting outside the pump chamber
  • Cavity-free design, lobes mounted outside the pump chamber
  • Low pulsation due to housing design
  • Also available in mobile design
  • CIP capability (Cleaning-In-Place)
  • Service- and maintenance-friendly due to FSIP® design
  • 3A standard and EHEDG-certified
  • Low space requirement due to compact design

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