NEMO® BP 料斗型单螺杆泵

NEMO® BP 料斗型单螺杆泵

带螺旋进料器与法兰联接减速电机直联式结构破桥装置的NEMO® BP 料斗型单螺杆泵


对于高粘度、紧实、易碎、易搭桥介质,NEMO® BP 单螺杆泵是最佳解决方案。NEMO® BP 可用于各个行业,提供连续、稳压、平稳与低脉动输送,且计量与转速成正比。此泵的特殊性质是具有专利的水平定位螺旋送料器、组合式破桥装置与大尺寸矩形料斗。连轴杆带螺旋进料器与喇叭形挤压腔,使介质以最佳方式被送到转子与定子之间的空腔。破桥装置可防止搭桥并使介质充分混合。料斗尺寸可根据具体应用进行调整。NEMO® BP 法兰联接减速电机直联式结构结构紧凑,经济实惠。

NEMO® BP 料斗型单螺杆泵的特点

  • 泵腔体带有组合式破桥装置与大尺寸矩形料斗
  • 喇叭形挤压腔
  • 特殊连轴杆带具有专利的水平定位螺旋送料器
  • 连续低脉动输送,不受压力与粘度波动影响
  • 输送量与转速成正比,在整个转速范围内均能实现高精度计量
  • 高压无阀输送
  • 定子带料斗型进料口可以使介质容易进入输送腔

NEMO® BP 料斗型单螺杆泵为您提供:

  • 平稳输送介质
  • 泵联接符合国内与国际标准及专门设计模块
  • 可与各种类型驱动装置联接
  • 易维修

NEMO® BP 料斗型单螺杆泵的优点

  • 可变模块化系统
  • 材料范围广
  • 耐用紧凑直联式结构
  • 接头适于各种应用
  • 标准机械密封,其他密封方式可选

对于您工艺中的大部分应用,可同时购买 NEMO® 单螺杆泵和著名的耐驰 TORNADO® 工业转子泵。我们利用几十年的经验和技术生产出容积式泵。

带螺旋进料器与法兰联接减速电机直联式结构破桥装置的NEMO® BP 料斗型单螺杆泵

[Translate to Chinese:] NEMO BP with Feeding Screw and Bridge Breaking Paddle

1 Rotor
In wear- and corrosion-resistant designs including the wear-free ceramic rotor NEMO CERATEC®.

2 Stator
Vulcanized into the tube with sealing on both sides in a variety of elastomers, plastics and metals. Stator inlet with hopper-shaped opening for improved feed of the product into the conveying chamber.

3 Drive Chain
Drive and connecting shaft with a coupling rod with patented, horizontally positioned feeding screw for optimal feed into the conveying elements and two gimbal joints for the transmission of power from the drive to the rotor.

4 Shaft Seals
Standard with single-acting, bi-directional, wear-resistant mechanical seal. Upon request, with single- or double-acting mechanical seals of varied designs and from various manufacturers, cartridge and special seals as well as packed glands.

5 Suction and Discharge Housing
Pump housing has integrated bridge breaker for the prevention of bridge building and for the mixing of aggregates (e.g. for conditioning of drained sludge), enlarged rectangular hopper and conical force-feed chamber as well as coupling rod with patented, horizontally positioned feeding screw for optimal feed to the conveying elements. Flange and threaded connections in accordance with DIN and international standards. Materials in steel, chrome-nickel-steel rubberized; also special materials upon request.

6 Block Construction
The drive is flanged directly to the lantern of the pump, resulting in compact dimensions, low total weight, constant axial heights irrespective of the construction type and size of the drive, and ease of maintenance and serviceability as well as high efficiency.


Pressure max.


Capacity min.


Capacity max.




NM045 BP








up to








up to 200

NM053 BP
NM063 BP
NM076 BP

*Further sizes and technical data on request.

  • Variable modular system
  • A large spectrum of materials
  • Robust and compact block construction
  • Gentle product conveyance
  • Pump connections in accordance with national and international standards, as well as in specially designed models
  • Easy serviceability
  • Special coupling rod with patented, horizontally positioned feeding screw
  • Continuous low-pulsation conveyance unaffected by fluctuations in pressure and viscosity
  • Conveyance volume in proportion to rotation speed with high dosing precision
  • High pressure capability without valves
  • Stator with hopper-shaped entrance for optimal filling of the conveying chamber


带有料斗与螺旋送料器的NEMO® BF单螺杆泵

NEMO®BF 可用于各个行业,提供连续、稳压、平稳与低脉动输送,且计量与转速成正比。其主要用于泵送高粘度、紧实、易碎、易搭桥介质。

NEMO® BF Hopper-Shaped Progressing Cavity Pump with aBP-Module®

The NEMO® BF hopper-shaped progressing cavity pump with aBP-Module® to prevent bridging is used in all branches of industry for continuous, pressure-stable, gentle and low-pulsation conveyance as well as dosing in proportion to speed, especially for highly viscous, compacted and crumbly media.

NEMO®B.Max 混合泵

NEMO®B.Max 具有最大生物介质混合与输送能力并以此设立新标准。

NEMO® BO/SO Hopper Pump with Integrated Cutting Device

The NEMO® BO/SO progressing cavity pump with hopper and coupling rod with feeding screw and force-feed chamber is employed in almost all branches of industry to  provide continuous, pressure-stable, gentle and low-pulsation conveyance.