Barrel Emptying System with NEMO® BY Pump





  • 输送极为平稳
  • 几乎清空,无残留物
  • 亦用于输送紧实物料
  • 固体物输送


  • 与旋转速度成比例的输送量
  • 恒定低脉动运输
  • 高效率
  • 低寿命周期成本,并且易于维修




NEMO® BY Progressing Cavity Pump

1 Rotor
Available in two geometries and with polished surfaces.

2 Stator with reduced wall thickness
Stator inlet with hopper-shaped opening to improve product entry into the conveying chamber. For varying temperatures, a patented stator with reduced elastomer wall thickness is used. In addition, a thermal stator protector (STP-2 or STP-D) protects against overheating and dry running.

3 Hygienic joints
Patented, open hygienic joints without dead space for optimal cleaning.

4 Drive chain
Drive and connection shaft with coupling rod and two hygienic joints for power transmission from the drive to the rotor.

5 Seal housing
Food-safe shaft seals with pressure-resistant screwed shaft seal housing enable reversal of the direction of rotation up to the maximum pump pressure.

6 Suction and discharge housing
It is made of stainless steel (optional).

7 Block construction
The drive is flanged directly to the pump lantern, resulting in compact dimensions, low total weight, constant shaft heights independent of the drive's design and size, low maintenance and high serviceability, as well as economy.


Pressure max.


Capacity min.


Capacity max.




NM003 BY 24 up to 0,0024  1000
NM005 BY 24 up to 0,012  1000
NM008 BY 24 up to 0,1  1000
NM011 BY 24 up to 0,24 1000
NM015 BY 24 up to 2,5  800
NM021 BY 24 up to 800
NM031 BY 24 up to 5,5  600
NM038 BY 24 up to 18  600
NM045 BY 24 up to 20  550
NM053 BY 24 up to 30  550
NM063 BY 24 up to 40  550

*Further sizes and technical data on request.

  • Delivery rates proportional to speed
  • Constant, low-pulsation delivery prevents pressure reversal points or pressure drop in the line or system
  • Gentle conveying of demanding media
  • Residual quantity in the container after emptying less than one percent of the total quantity
  • Stainless steel, easy-to-clean design
  • Barrel can be changed without system downtime
  • Low life-cycle costs combined with high serviceability


Barrel Emptying System with NOTOS® 2NSH Pump

The heart of the barrel emptying unit is a NOTOS® 2NSH twin screw pump. With positive displacement it creates a low pulsation flow to convey the product without damage. 

耐驰BY 直联型泵

NEMO® BY 单螺杆泵可用于各个行业,输送各种介质或进行高精计量。

Barrel Emptying System with NEMO® BH Pump

NEMO® barrel emptying systems for hygienic applications are highly versatile and automatically suck themselves towards the bottom of the barrel.


NEMO®C.Pro 计量加药泵是用于环保技术与化工行业,对各种化学品精确计量的合成型泵。其合成结构完全适合平稳与低脉动输送,并可对腐蚀性或非腐蚀性化学品进行计量。