Applications and Solutions for Chemical, Pulp & Paper

“面对化学加工业、造纸和其他市场行业中的多个挑战性应用问题,我们在特定泵设计方面的应用专有技术对我们的客户至关重要。即使在高度专业化的行业如采矿和爆破行业,我们运用我们的专家知识向客户提供有效建议以选择最优类型的泵。我们独特的全球分销网络拥有超过 200 多家分支机构和代理机构,确保了我们的专家能够很好地了解客户要求,并针对客户要求执行工作。”

Roger Willis


  • 具有多年经验的工艺安全性
  • 提供低脉动输送
  • 易于维护



  • 低寿命周期成本
  • 高压稳定性
  • 完美的计量精度



  • 可用于具有腐蚀性及有毒介质
  • 广泛的建筑材料
  • 完整系列的单螺杆泵和转子泵

Success Stories in the Chemical, Pulp & Paper Sector

NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pump Lithium Conveying

NEMO® progressing cavity pump allows efficient lithium conveying

Lithium sludge is one of the most demanding conveying media in the chemical sector: Lithium does not occur naturally due to its high reactivity. More...

TORNADO® T1 Rotary Lobe Pumps in Coal Recovery

The rotary lobe pumps ensures precise and reliable decantation of water

Until August 2017, two centrifugal pumps were used to decant a fine coal screen vacuum tank in an open-pit coal mine of a company in Australia. More...

NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pump Conveying Cold Asphalt

Progressing Cavity Pump ensures efficient conveying of cold asphalt

According to the German automobile club ADAC, there were 538 roadworks on German motorways in September 2018, causing traffic jams and delays. More...

TORNADO® T.Proc® Rotary Lobe Pump in Ceramic Industry

Six times higher service life in handling abrasive ceramic slip

The ceramic production process offers a range of forming processes which can be categorised into the basic types of pressing, plastic forming and casting. More...

TORNADO® T.Proc® Rotary Lobe Pump Delivers Highly Abrasive Primer

Rotary lobe pump meets the challenge of abrasive bonding primer

One of the products which the building materials manufacturer Knauf makes in Iphofen is a concrete primer. What is intended to ensure that plaster evenly bonds onto smooth walls. More...

TORNADO® T.Proc® in All-Metal Design Empties without Interruption

Positive displacement pump empties tankers without interruption

Emptying tankers can cause problems for many pumping processes. The difficulties involved are air pockets which cannot be avoided when attaching a pipe. More...

NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps in the Paint and Coatings Industry

Materials for surface coating represent extreme challenges to pump technology

The printing and ink industry represents one of the most versatile application sectors for delivery systems: The areas of application include the reliable supply of abrasive paper fillers. More...

TORNADO® Rotary Lobe Pump Convey Kaolin Slurry

Rotary lobe pumps convey kaolin slurry quickly and reliably

"White gold" – this description of porcelain was also used in the past for paper, for a good reason. Both are based on kaolin, a special clay that gives the materials their radiant white. More...

TORNADO® T.Proc® Rotary Lobe Pumps Conveys Fatty Acids

Rotary lobe pumps meet even the strictest legal requirements

Every commercial and industrial company in Europe is subject to a multitude of regulations for the protection of staff, users and the environment. This not only affects the manufacturing machines themselves. More...

TORNADO® T.Sano® Rotary Lobe Pump in the Process Industry

Compact rotary lobe pump increases mobility and efficiency in production

The Italian personal hygiene product manufacturer is based in Northern Italy and its products include soaps and shampoos for various markets. More...

NETZSCH Barrel Emptying Units Convey Materials without Interruption

Combination of barrel emptying units enables exact mixing

The higher the requirements are in terms of the characteristics and high performance of modern materials, the more individual components have to be combined and accurately mixed to produce them. More...

NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps Allow Smooth Production of Synthetic Rubber

NEMO® progressing cavity pumps allow a smooth production of synthetic rubber

NEMO® progressing cavity pumps ensure a constant delivery of the shear-sensitive release agent Promol® during the production of synthetic rubber in the chemical industry. More...

NETZSCH Product Range for Chemical, Pulp & Paper Industry


耐驰® 单螺杆泵应用非常广泛,可用于各个行业对几乎各种流体进行连续、稳压、平稳及低脉动输送。其操作优点是该无阀容积式泵可安全输送粘稠物料。



耐驰TORNADO® 自吸、无阀的容积式泵能够进行优化定制以满足工艺和应用要求。由于TORNADO® 具有紧凑设计、高性能和最高的运行可靠性、以及泵头和轴承架之间的实际分离结构,因此其可用于绝大多数介质的间歇运行、连续运行或计量加药应用。TORNADO® 泵维修和维护特别简便,所有接触介质的零部件都可方便地进行维修,而不必拆卸管道或断开驱动装置。



The NETZSCH Multi Screw Pump (MSP) family has superior quality standards to meet the highest level requirements from our customers. The pumps are designed to work with low to high lubricant fluids, low to high viscosity, shear sensitive and/or chemically agressive media.



耐驰公司在NEMO®单螺杆泵的开发、生产与销售上已有五十多年经验,在一些最为困难的应用领域里,耐驰是全球走在潮流前面的问题解决者之一 —— 特别在于计量加药技术方面。耐驰始终坚持将创新技术用于深层开发。公司不仅仅重视容积式泵的技术优化,同时关注客户所需的计量加药泵零件的深度开发,以持续满足客户不断增长的需求。