Applications and Solutions for Oil & Gas - Upstream

„Oil and gas are among the world's most important energy suppliers. Although new deposits are still being discovered, already preceded oil fields continue being serviced, the production of this viscous solids-containing raw material is becoming more complex. By using NETZSCH-Drive Heads and the progressing cavity pump-systems, many of these reserves can be explored and used efficiently.“

Jörg Eitler
Business Field Manager Oil & Gas Upstream

Pumps for the Oil Industry

NETZSCH pumps for the oil industry are characterized by robust and reliable design. Constructions and materials are adapted to the requirements. Together with the customer's requirements are specified in the planning phase and the optimal pump is selected. The use of innovative pump technologies from NETZSCH offers safe and reliable production processes at low life-cycle costs. On this there is a large range of products available from which you can select the appropriate each pump system for on- and offshore, up-, mid- and downstream area.

Optimum UPSTREAM Solutions for Oil Water and Gas Production

Within the Business Unit Pumps & Systems the Business Field Oil & Gas Upstream specializes in the delivery of systems with progressing cavity pumps for the production of crude oil and other highly viscous materials; the pumps above mentioned are used throughout the world. Whether it is a large oilfield operator or a small production company – the experts at NETZSCH give their attention to all projects. At the same time we try to correspond to the increasing technological demands by highly efficient development work. Success in corporate research and development work with universities and operators of our pumps in the field confirms this fact.

NETZSCH Progressing Cavity Pumps for Upstream:

  • Standard Progressing Cavity Pumps
  • Insertable Progressing Cavity Pumps
  • NETZSCH Submersible Progressing Cavity Pumps


石油及天然气是世界各地中最重要能源来源。尽管仍有新的油气田被发现,但运输这些原材料正越来越昂贵而且要求技术的持续提高。使用 NETZSCH 单螺杆泵系统可有效地将提取大部分存储的石油及天然气。这就要求从发现新油气田开始就必须要求与石油和天然气公司保持高度紧密的合作,并要求我们的工程师和技工不断地改善泵、驱动装置和系统。该领域恶劣的地址环境、海上开采和在 2500 米以下的深度进行安装,不断地向我们发起新的挑战。在特别重要的开采地区,通过建立 NETZSCH 泵中心,我们为世界各地的合作伙伴们创造了出色的服务环境。同时,NETZSCH 的产品正向新的应用范围拓展,如天然气钻孔脱水和浅层地热能。

Success Stories in the Oil & Gas - Upstream Sector

First progressing cavity pump with submersible drive in Central Europe: NETZSCH ESPCP prevents blowout and environmental impact from leaks

Around 30 years ago, an energy supplier in Hannover had started to use an underground deposit for gas storage. After a few years, however, it became evident during pumping of the medium that the geological horizon in which it was stored had emitted substantial oil quantities into the gas. More...

NETZSCH upstream progressing cavity pumps convey extremely difficult media to oil and gas fields

Despite all efforts to promote renewable energies, global demand for crude oil and natural gas has continued unabated. Methane from coal seams and highly viscous oil at more than 10,000 mPas are already of commercial interest, but are just as complicated to extract. More...