Oil & Gas Mid-/Downstream


Ulrich Eibl



  • 适用于石油行业的所有应用
  • 提供低脉动输送



  • 低寿命周期成本
  • 高压稳定性
  • 完美的计量精度



  • 适用于从低到高粘度的介质

Success Stories

NOTOS® multi screw pump is ATEX certified

The Directive 2014/34/EU defines the marketing and provision of equipment and protective systems in potentially explosive atmospheres. More...

Constant delivery rate regardless of the product viscosity:
NEMO® progressing cavity pumps in a remote oilfield

The transfer of crude oil always presents new challenges and so it was on an oilfield in the Tatarstan region of Russia. Crude oil, containing up to three percent sand, is conveyed there in a 24-hour operation...more

External temperatures of up to -40°C, and up to 90 percent gas in
pumped material: Progressing Cavity Pump for crude oil beats extreme conditions

Whether in the tundra of Alaska, in the Arabian desert or miles offshore in the middle of the ocean, ever more remote deposits are being tapped in the constant search for crude oil. Systems are often at the mercy of wind and weather. More...

NOTOS® multi screw pumps proof their strength

When pumps are used on ships and in ports, the technology must meet special requirements: this means the pumps should not only cope with a really wide variety of fluids, but should also be as space-saving, maintenance-free and easy to handle as possible. More

Screw pumps strip out even highly viscous media

As containers and temporary storage, tanks to entire tank farms are the backbone of many industries, in particular in the oil and fuel sector. But these types of media are often highly viscous, making it difficult to empty or ‘strip’ all the medium out of the tanks. Residual product is normally left behind, significantly reducing the useful volume of the tank. More and more companies in these sectors are now using NOTOS® screw pumps from NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme GmbH to maximise the profitability of their tanks. More...

Vertical Sump Pump Provided for Oil Storage Application

When a major energy pipeline company looked to streamline their pumping system for their oil storage tanks, they called on NETZSCH to design and build customized vertical cavity sump pumps for lower maintenance and operational efficiencies. More



原油矿层通常发现于海绵岩中。提取原油时,必须在高压条件下将液体注入地层中。由于能够根据转速自动改变流量,NEMO® 注水泵尤其适合此项工作。

地面泵—NEMO® 输送泵


地面泵——NEMO® 多相混输泵

纯原油鲜少会出现在表面上。石油通常混有水、沙粒和空气。在传统泵中,原油首先与空气分离。使用耐驰 NEMO® 多相混输泵,这些问题就能够迎刃而解。

对于含有空气的原油,即便空气含量达 100%,NEMO® 多相混输泵仍可适用。

TORNADO® Industrial Rotary Lobe Pumps T2

The TORNADO® rotary lobe pump is a positive displacement pump. The pumping action is generated by the contra-rotation of two rotors within the pump chamber which are synchronised externally. The media enters the pump chamber through the inlet port and is carried around the chamber by the rotors to the outlet port where it is discharged.