Applications and Solutions for Mining

"We offer our customers professional advice in a variety of applications in the chemical and process industries, even in highly specialized industries such as mining and explosives industry, in the choice of the optimal pump.“

Roger Willis
Business Field Manager Chemical, Pulp & Paper


耐驰Pumps & Systems GmbH 有限公司推出的容积式泵早在几十年前就已投入使用,可保证采矿业中要求苛刻的领域的加工可靠性。 在采矿产业中,必须输送大量不同的介质,包括废水、矿物浆料、悬浮液、滤出液、尾渣和爆炸物由于 NEMO®  泵特别适用于输送磨蚀性和粘性物料,因此输送上述具有挑战性的介质没有任何问题。 使用 NEMO®  单螺杆泵和耐驰 TORNADO® 工业转子泵,耐驰为您的应用提供最优技术解决方案并确保可靠、高效的运行。 耐驰公司泵及系统为您提供两种不同的适用于采矿产业的技术。NEMO® 单螺杆泵和 TORNADO®  工业转子泵。 我们相信这两种泵将成功地用于恶劣的采矿条件。同时,我们还相信 NEMO® 和 TORNADO®  泵拥有独特的性能,这是其他任何东西都无法替代的。


  • 减少磨损成本
  • 能够输送即使含大量固体物料的污泥
  • 输送高磨蚀、高稠度和高粘度介质
  • 输送腐蚀性介质
  • 节约维护的时间和费用
Success Stories in the Mining Sector

Success Stories in the Mining Sector

NEMO® progressing cavity pump speeds up the delivery of ammonium nitrate emulsion to mining customers

Safety in mining and at construction sites where explosives are used was a problem for a long time, because the storage and transport of “volatile” explosives always constitute an enormous risk. In order to reduce the danger, there has for some time been greater use of pumpable emulsion explosives.  More...

NETZSCH Pumps for Copper Extraction in Mines

Special base frame for reagent pumps reduces maintenance: Pump design enhances precision and reliability

Until January 2017, a copper beneficiation plant in Zambia was using pumps from six different manufacturers. Attributable to the large number of different models, this resulted in a steadily growing inventory of similar spare parts and maintenance procedures. More...

Aggressive gold sludge: Special pump technology delivers long service life without the addition of water

Global demand for gold and silver remains as high as ever. Precious metals are not only sought after by investors, but are indispensable materials in modern industry. However, mining these resources places machines under extreme stress and can increase the high price of the raw material. More...

NEMO® SY Progressing Cavity Pump prevents dangerous heat generation in emulsion explosives

Transalpine rail and road tunnels, dams for hydro-electric and storage power plants – the number of major construction sites which need significant explosive work has increased considerably over recent years. The requirements for explosives have been changing. More...

Product Range for Mining

带有料斗与法兰联接减速电机直联式结构的NEMO® BO/BS泵

此NEMO® BO/BS 单螺杆泵具有方形/矩形料斗,在螺旋推进器和挤压腔之间具有连轴杆,可用于大多数行业,以提供连续、稳压、平稳与低脉动输送。

TORNADO® T2 Industrial Rotary Lobe Pumps

The TORNADO® T2 rotary lobe pump is a positive displacement pump. The pumping action is generated by the contra-rotation of two rotors within the pump chamber which are synchronised externally. The media enters the pump chamber through the inlet port and is carried around the chamber by the rotors to the outlet port where it is discharged.

耐驰BY 直联型泵

NEMO® BY 单螺杆泵可用于各个行业,输送各种介质或进行高精计量。

NEMO® SY 轴承直联自由轴伸设计用于工业领域

NEMO® SY 单螺杆泵在全球各个领域均能满足高标准应用。其轴承直联自由轴伸设计可使该泵在各种类型驱动装置下运行,如伺服电机、柴油发动机或液压驱动。