Full Service in Place: Maintenance and Service in place
NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pump in FSIP® Design

NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pump in FSIP® Design

Full Service in Place: Where Maintenance and Service Friendliness Matter

Save up to 66 percent of servicing time, the NEMO® progressing cavity pumps in FSIP® design make it possible. They are available in three variants and can generally be used in all industrial areas where very different media have to be conveyed with low pulsation, as well as unaffected by fluctuations in pressure and viscosity, or dosing tasks.

The FSIP® concept of the NEMO® progressing cavity pump is especially interesting where pumps are installed in wear intensive applications requiring more service and maintenance work. Every time the installer's workload is eased, additional work steps are avoided and maintenance time is reduced, this enables savings in terms of capacities and costs. Up to 66 percent of working time can be saved when changing the stator. The FSIP® pump is designed in a way that the housing itself functions as support and orientation guideline. The special design enables that each part automatically fits into its destination. Positioning is done automatically without further adjustments. Therefore the change of all wear parts takes less than half of the time required so far. In block construction with a flanged drive, this NEMO® pump is particularly compact and economical. The pump also differentiates itself by means of low investment and operating costs. In FSIP® design the pump can help to safe even more maintenance costs and costs caused by downtimes. The three variants are the FSIP.ready, the FSIP.advanced and the FSIP.pro. The FSIP.ready is a basic BY Pump inclusive revised housing design with inspection cover, with standard drive train and standard seal arrangement. The FSIP.advanced is a BY pump with new housing design and large inspection cover, split coupling rod. Rotor and stator can be serviced in place. The FSIP.pro is also based on the BY pump with new housing design and large inspection cover, split coupling rod, cartridge unit and single acting mechanical seal for "Full Service in Place". Two rotor/stator geometries are available to cover a broad spectrum of products and applications.

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NEMO Progressing Cavity Pump in FSIP Design

1 Housing in FSIP® design with inspection cover
The FSIP® design of the suction housing mainly differs from the standard design when you look at the new large inspection cover, but the housing dimensions remain unchanged. All NEMO® BY pumps which have already been installed can be upgraded without any problem. After this upgrade you can fully service the pump while it is installed. All wetted parts are immediately accessible. All wearing parts can be replaced in less than half the time.

2 Inspection cover
The inspection cover is fixed by only five screws which can be easily removed without special tool. Anyway the clever design makes sure that there is no leakage at the cover neither under high pressure nor in vertical installation.

3 Stator with iFD® technology
The stator consists of a reusable two-part stator housing and an exchangeable elastomer part. The benefits of the new technology are a reduced starting torques, higher degree of efficiency, prolonged lifetime, easier and faster change of the wear part and environmentally friendly disposal. In combination with the suction housing in FSIP® design there is the additional benefit that the rotor/stator can be changed simply and quickly outside the pump and pre-tensioning, once the stator housing has been opened. The rotating unit can simply be lifted out and leaves the pump open from flange to flange. The formerly needed "service length" is no longer required, giving the pump a much shorter footprint - a strong argument for the installation of the relatively long progressing cavity pumps. That is valid for standard stators as well as for the iFD-Stator®.

4 Rotor
In wear- and corrosion-resistant designs, various materials on request.

5 and 5a Drive train and sleeve coupling
Removing the inspection cover from the FSIP® pump you gain access to a sleeve coupling which joins the rotor to the coupling rod. Here only one screw has to be removed to split both elements from each other.

6 Shaft Seals
Standard for the FSIP® concept is a single acting mechanical seal in cartridge design, which can be easily removed through the large inspection opening. Other options upon request.

7 Block Construction
The drive is flanged directly to the lantern of the pump, resulting in compact dimensions, low total weight, constant axial heights irrespective of the construction type and size of the drive, and ease of maintenance and serviceability as well as high efficiency.

  • FSIP® design is fully compatible to the BY series and is designed to upgrade already installed pumps
  • Wearing parts can easily be replaced
  • Up- or sideward removal of the rotor-stator unit reduces installation space both with conventional stator and with eco-friendly iFD-Stator®
  • Rotor can be changed easily without initial torque
  • Various rotor/stator geometries and a large spectrum of materials
  • Robust and compact block construction
  • The right joint for any application available
  • Pump connections in accordance with national and international standards, as well as in specially designed models
  • Easy maintenance
  • Standard mechanical seal, other seals optional

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