NEMO SA Aseptic Pump

NEMO® SA型清洁无菌泵


清洁无菌输送 — NEMO® SA型清洁无菌泵

NEMO® SA型清洁无菌泵用于食品、制药、化妆品、化工/生化行业中的无菌及卫生应用,以提供连续、稳压、平稳与低脉动输送且计量与转速成正比。为避免受环境污染,所有密封区域可用蒸汽或无菌冷凝水密封。轴承直联式结构且自由轴伸端的设计,使其可用于各种类型驱动装置。很多监管机构对机械与零部件的卫生配置及零部件清洗均制定了规范。NEMO ® 清洁无菌泵是按照 EHEDG(欧洲卫生设备设计组)与 QHD(卫生设计认证)的标准进行设计、制造和检验的 所用材料已获得 FDA(美国食品药品监督管理局)的批准。此外,NEMO ® 清洁无菌泵符合美国 3-A 卫生标准,并取得 GOST-R 认证(俄罗斯国家标准认证)。

NEMO® SA型清洁无菌泵的特点

  • 完美的无清洗死角输送空间
  • 优化泵内介质流动性
  • 连续低脉动输送,不受压力与粘度波动影响;
  • 输送量与转速成正比,在整个转速范围内均能实现高精度计量;
  • 高压无阀输送
  • 可逆向输送
  • 定子带料斗型进料口可以使介质容易进入输送腔

NEMO® SA型清洁无菌泵为您提供

  • 无菌条件下输送
  • 挠性杆设计非常卫生且使用寿命长
  • 平稳输送介质
  • 防污染、无菌泵结构使用周期长
  • 在线清洗和蒸汽消毒能力
  • 可在真空或接近绝对真空条件下输送介质
  • 符合 FDA 的橡胶可用于食品工业
  • 可水平和垂直安装
  • 易维修


NEMO® SA型清洁无菌泵的优点

  • 所有密封区域均为双层结构且完全密封
  • 挠性杆设计非常卫生且使用寿命长适于食品工业、带耐压螺栓密封套的轴密封可用于反向旋转与反向输送,达到最大泵压力
  • 平滑且无缝隙室结构可防止介质沉积
  • 所有与介质接触的表面均光滑,可防止介质堆积,易于清洗




NEMO SA Aseptic Pump

1 Rotor
Made of stainless steel, in different geometries.

2 Stator with reduced wall thickness                 
For changing product temperatures a patented stator with reduced elastomer wall thickness is used. In addition, a thermal stator protector (STP-2 or STP-D) for overheating and dry running protection is available.

3 Flexible rod
Free of dead spaces, requires no maintenance.

4 Housing / discharge flange                  
The pump housing has a reduced diameter for optimal flow velocity and minimized pump volume. The body flange is located directly above the shaft seal avoiding any dead space. Therefore the deposit of fluid in the housing during the manufacturing cycle is eliminated.

5 Double buffered static seal                 
All static seals to the atmosphere are double sealed chambers. Sterile condensate, vapour and/or detector fluid is continuously supplied to the chambers. Through the contamination proof design the process cycle is extended. Consequently output capacity increases as the number of cleaning cycles decreases.

6 Sealing housing                        
Double-acting machanical seal in tandem arrangement with unpressurized, static or dynamic quench.

7 Bearing housing
Widely spaced, heavy duty bearings ensure optimum concentricity of the drive shaft and are able to withstand large axial loads. The free shaft end allows for the use of all types of drive.

  • All hermetic areas are double-layered and sealed
  • Foodstuff-suitable shaft seals with compression-proof bolted seal casing enable reversal of the direction of rotation and thereby also of the direction of conveyance, up to the maximum pump pressure
  • Streamlined, crevice-free housing model with reduced diameter prevents sedimentation of the product
  • All product-contacting surfaces are polished to prevent build-up of the medium and facilitate cleaning
  • Conveyance under aseptic conditions
  • Flexible rod design for uncompromising hygiene and long service life
  • Long production cycles with contamination-proof, sterile pump construction
  • CIP and SIP capability
  • Product admission under vacuum conditions up to almost an absolute vacuum
  • Elastomers approved for foodstuffs in accordance with FDA
  • Horizontal and vertical installation
  • Easy serviceability


NEMO® BH 食品卫生泵

NEMO® BH食品卫生泵可用于食品、制药、化妆品和化工/生化行业的卫生应用以及最佳清洁选择。此类泵可提供理想的连续、稳压、平稳与低脉动输送,且计量与转速成正比。

NEMO® BO/SO Hopper Pump with Integrated Cutting Device

The NEMO® BO/SO progressing cavity pump with hopper and coupling rod with feeding screw and force-feed chamber is employed in almost all branches of industry to  provide continuous, pressure-stable, gentle and low-pulsation conveyance.

NEMO® 微型BH 食品卫生泵

NEMO®微型 BH 食品卫生泵首先用于食品、制药、化妆品和化工/生化行业的卫生应用。此类泵可提供理想的连续、稳压、顺畅与低脉动输送,且计量与转速成正比。

NEMO® SH 高级食品卫生泵

NEMO® SH 高级食品卫生泵用于食品、制药、化妆品、化工/生化行业中的卫生应用,以提供连续、稳压、平稳与低脉动输送且计量与转速成正比。